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Movable; revocable; subject to change; capable of alteration.

An ambulatory court was the former name of the Court of King's Bench in England. It would convene wherever the king who presided over it could be found, moving its location as the king moved.

An ambulatory disposition is a judgment, decree, or sentence that is subject to change, amendment, or revocation.

A will is considered ambulatory because as long as the person who made it lives, it can always be changed or revoked.


adjective able to be altered, alterative, amendable, amendatory, changeable, emendable, modifiable, movable, mutable, not fixed, permutable, renunciatory, repudiative, repudiatory, reversible, revisional, revisory, revocable, revocatory, subject to change, variable
Associated concepts: ambulatory deed, ambulatory patient, ambulatory will
Foreign phrases: Ambulatoria est voluntas defuncti usque ad vitae supremum exitum.The will of a deceased person is ambulatory until the latest moment of life.
See also: itinerant, moving


revocable for the time being.
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For example, Camp's 1981 article about an all RN staff for ambulatory surgery may not be useful for staffing an ambulatory surgery unit in 2005, but certainly adds valuable information to the current debate on all RN staffs for telehealth nursing and call centers.
RNs are fully accountable in all ambulatory care settings for all nursing services and associated patient outcomes provided under their direction (AAACN, 2011a).
The Conference also witnessed the launch of The Indian Society of Ambulatory Surgery [ISAS].
Doctor's measurements averaged 15/11 mm Hg higher, and nurses' measurements averaged 11/9 mm Hg higher, than daytime ambulatory blood pressures.
The new Ambulatory Care Pavilion will be open in April of 2005.
In fact, the new ambulatory surgery center became quite profitable given that it doesn't carry the large overhead expenses of the hospital and brings economic benefit to both venture partners.
Based on patient arm circumference, the appropriate cuff size was used for all office BP readings made by the research assistant and for all ambulatory BP readings.
Ambulatory care nursing includes those clinical, organizational, educational, and research activities engaged in by registered nurses for and with patients (individuals, groups, and populations that seek care for health-related problems and concerns or seek assistance with health maintenance and/or health promotion).
LPR is best diagnosed by ambulatory 24-hour double-probe pH monitoring.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Ambulatory blood pressure measurements were superior to office-based measurements for predicting cardiovascular events in hypertensive people, based on two studies presented at the annual meeting of the American Society of Hypertension.