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Yet it was remarkable that she sat as still as ever the amiable woman in ambuscade had seen her sit, at any period in her life.
Remember that war with Arabs is a war of snares, ambuscades, and assassinations.
He picked twenty of his bravest warriors and placed them in ambuscade on one side the cloister, while on the opposite side he prepared a banquet.
He got home pretty late that night, and when he climbed cautiously in at the window, he uncovered an ambuscade, in the person of his aunt; and when she saw the state his clothes were in her resolution to turn his Saturday holiday into captivity at hard labor became adamantine in its firmness.
Four or five men are placed in ambuscade in the first room.
I began walking along the beach in the opposite direction, designing to come round the eastward corner of the island and so approach the ravine of the huts, without traversing the possible ambuscades of the thickets.
They had to be continually on the alert, too, against the mountain tribes, who beset every defile, laid ambuscades in their path, or attacked them in their night encampments; so that, of the hardy bands of trappers that first entered into these regions, three-fifths are said to have fallen by the hands of savage foes.
Last Saturday, as troops from the Army 20th IB waded through the flood at the height of Tropical Storm Urduja, about 50 NPA terrorists set upon them in an obvious ambuscade.
This picture seems to describe just how human-caused climate change is working at this altitude--lying in wait to ambuscade nature.
The security forces acting upon intelligence report organized an ambuscade against a group of Taliban in Bagh-e-Shirkat area Tuesday morning killing their commander Mawlawi Abdul Qahar on the spot and injuring three others," Qasim Jangalbagh told reporters, Xinhua reported.
Sweden, June 15 -- I have never come across such massive news coverage in print and electronic media nationally and internationally of the ambuscade on the Indian Army convoy by the combined team of NSCN (K), KYKL and KCP in Manipur's Chandel district bordering Myanmar.
A group of Taliban militants set ambuscade against a convoy of national police in Aqcha district Friday night, which triggered a heavy battle and lasted for four hours.