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Manila: Five people were killed in separate ambushes in the volatile southern Philippines, police and the military said on Sunday, and a radio reporter was kidnapped by armed men on the eve of mid-term elections.
Vietcong and North Vietnamese "regulars" generally conducted ambushes in a manner that is all too familiar today.
A massive hunt was launched for those responsible for the two ambushes as Yemen is exerting major efforts to root out terrorists wherever they exist on its soil.
Ambushes and armour; the Irish rebellion, 1919-1921.
But the militants remain a threat, staging periodic bombings and ambushes.
The enemy's most effective tactic is not holding strongpoints, hilltops, or bridgeheads; in Iraq and Afghanistan he is most effective in the attrition of coalition forces in ambushes.
The innovative killer whale lives in MarineLand, an attraction in Niagara Falls, Canada, and behavioral biologist Michael Noonan happened to videotape the orca's early ambushes.
William MacDonald says US soldiers have killed 46 Iraqis and captured 8 trying to carry out a series of attempted ambushes on US convoys in Samarra, adding: "The 4th infantry division repelled multiple ambush attacks".
soldiers and one civilian suffered injuries in the multiple ambushes around 1:30 p.
soldiers have died in ambushes in the past six weeks.
They say the number of roadside ambushes, rocket attacks and shootouts have declined in the last few months.
In other words, no ambushes like that which befell Capt.