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The ambushes that are set for coalition forces in Afghanistan and Iraq are based on the observations and analysis done by insurgent forces to find the best time, place, and manner for them to attack.
The latest ambushes came only a day after two Japanese diplomats, seven Spanish intelligence agents were killed in separate ambushes in Iraq.
Although the Mujahideen could conduct small-scale ambushes along the entire stretch of the road, there were only two places suitable for large-scale ambushes.
Wcislo and Bertrand Schatz of Centre d'Ecologie Fonctionnelle et Evolutive in Montpellier, France, described such ambushes in 1999.
We talked to them about the need to be safe in approaching radio calls - being aware of possible ambushes,'' he said.
The sources pointed out that the attacks in northern Sinai today carried out by armed groups in a unified timing, and targeted security ambushes on Sheikh Zuid Jura and Sheikh Zuid Rafah and Masoora area, pointing out that the gunmen were deployed in groups and attacked ambushes in conjunction with moving car bombs targeted two security ambushes in South of Sheikh Zuid area, northern Sinai.
Because the enemy has been taking a pounding by the coalition forces in this area, it is possible to think that the enemy purposefully sets these ambushes to slow the momentum set by the coalition.
Given the current operating environment in Iraq and Afghanistan--where ambushes continue to be a favored tactic of insurgents--we do well to learn from the mistakes of Soviet and DRA forces.
Combatants throughout history have encountered ambushes.