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Although legislation is in place to protect against ambushing, significant extra costs are often incurred in protecting against it and spectators may be affected by policing of ambushers in venues or exclusion zones.
NNA - Al Shabaab gunmen killed around 25 Kenyan police on Monday, ambushing some officers in a village in the east of the country after others died when their vehicle hit a landmine planted by the militants, their military spokesman said.
Individuals with high felt involvement for a sport or event may feel more resentment toward ambushers or be more likely to seek out or attend to information regarding ambushing activities" (p.
While frustrating enemy attempts at ambushing coalition forces may save lives, it alone will not win the war.
A young male orca that started regurgitating fish and then ambushing seagulls attracted by the mess seems to have set off a wave of cultural transmission in his neighborhood.
After the United Nations fed and clothed them, the six warring tribes almost immediately started sniping and ambushing the U.