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It is essential that businesses are aware of what is deemed to be ambushing and what the ramifications will be of being identified as an ambusher.
Although legislation is in place to protect against ambushing, significant extra costs are often incurred in protecting against it and spectators may be affected by policing of ambushers in venues or exclusion zones.
A - Games, Two Thousand and Twelve, 2012, Twenty-Twelve B - London, medals, sponsors, summer, gold, silver, bronze Predatory ambushing The deliberate ambushing of a market competitor, intentionally and knowingly attacking a rival's official sponsorship in an effort to gain market share and to confuse consumers as to whom is the official sponsor.
Sponsorship, ambushing, and counter-strategy: Effects upon memory for sponsor and event.
Then, the cameras picked up his younger half brother spitting fish and ambushing birds.