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Martin Brown, Executive Principal of Louth Academy where Amelia went to school, said: "Amelia was a well-loved student who will be greatly missed by staff and students at the Academy.
We just have to make sure we get Amelia home from her hospital appointments in time to pick Gracie up from school.
Below: Pictured is Amelia Blake (far right) from Loughborough, with other former colleagues from the Vision Express store in Loughborough which was taken in 2016.
Amelia suffers from rare and debilitating Jacobsen Syndrome, leaving her unable to walk, talk or move independently.
Parents Neil and Donna with their daughter Amelia, who has also met Alan Shearer
For health insurers, Amelia can help improve the customer experience and efficiency of routine member services.
IPsoft's agreement with Nordnet is the latest in the growing portfolio of financial services clients who are incorporating Amelia into their operations in order to drive value.
Last June 4th, Joe and Amelia were in the right place at the right time.
From her bed one night, Amelia heard her grandmother's voice downstairs.
My other three were taken away from me and I did not see them for another three weeks after Amelia had died.
It is believed that the final words Amelia Earhart transmitted by radio were picked up on the powerful 20-tube set owned by Toronto resident Mrs.
3) In the essay that follows, I explore Amelia and John Opie's negotiation of courtship and married life during the vexed mid 1790s, when it still seemed possible to imagine alternative social conventions in literature and to enact them within the public and private spaces of London.