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In addition to these events, special entertainment will include performances at Fernandina Little Theater by the Royal Amelia Dance Academy as well as roaming period-character storytellers and actors.
Tests were carried out and Amelia and her family, of Prudhoe, were sent to the Children's Heart Unit at the Freeman.
But Amelia said she was thinking of him every step of the way as she took control of the Piper Warrior light aircraft.
Amelia, who raised more than PS25,000 for charities after her brother and father were diagnosed with lifethreatening illnesses, said: "That was for Dad.
Newport Crown Court heard that the defendant called his daughter first, rather than dial 999, after Amelia stopped breathing.
Despite a battle with brittle bones, a sideeffect of the intense treatment, as well as having to wear a back brace for six months, Amelia went into remission in 2011 and hasn't looked backed since.
Amelia, six, from Prenton, underwent an eight-hour operation to remove an aggressive tumour on her brain back in 2012, and has been battling her way through a difficult recovery ever since.
The Toronto connection with Amelia Earhart, born in Atchison, Kansas on July 24, 1897, began in December 1917 when she travelled to the Canadian city by train to visit her younger sister Muriel, who was in Toronto to study teaching at Saint Margaret's College.
A poet, novelist, and essayist, Amelia Alderson Opie was born in 1769 and lived long enough to visit the Crystal Palace when she was in her eighties.
Amelia Southall, five, had blonde hair reaching down to her waist.
Amelia, from Croxteth, is currently taking her level two exams which are an equivalent to a GCSE.