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Both the leaders expressed their concerns on the country' overall situation and particularly Karachi and decided to work together for amelioration of the situation.
We look forward to receiving additional results from our ongoing Phase 2 program and further evaluating our novel therapeutic in future studies for conditions in which the amelioration of scarring post- operatively would be highly desirable to the patient.
Savient's global biologics manufacturing business features a diverse portfolio of seven products that include Bio-Tropin(tm) human growth hormone (marketed as TevTropin(tm) in the United States), Nuflexxa(r) hyaluronic acid for amelioration of knee pain due to osteoarthritis (to be marketed outside the United States under the tradename Euflexxa(tm)), BioLon(r) hyaluronic acid for use in surgery, Bio-Hep-B(tm) recombinant hepatitis B vaccine, insulin, Fibrin Binding Domain (FBD) (a recombinant polypeptide with high binding affinity for fibrin the primary component of deep vein thrombosis (DVT), FBD is a precursor in the production of FIBRIMAGE(r) a DVT molecular imaging agent in clinical testing), and an early development stage generic biologic product.
During this meeting, Seddiki reviewed efforts made by his department in the field of employment and social security, and the large-scale projects undertaken to improve the quality of social security, the generalization of medical coverage, the promotion of professional relations and the amelioration of working conditions, said on Friday a statement by the ministry.
Le coefficient d'exploitation est en amelioration de 200 points de base a 46,6%, un des meilleurs du secteur.
NASDAQ: CRIS) today announced that the recent online issue of the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology contains a preclinical report demonstrating that treatment with BMP-7, a signaling protein that was discovered by scientists from Curis, results in amelioration of two major complications of chronic kidney disease.
En d'autres termes, on peut realiser un taux de croissance eleve tout en maEtrisant le taux d'inflation sans que cela n'aboutisse a une amelioration du niveau de vie et a une augmentation du pouvoir d'achat.
Ce que je peux vous dire c'est qu'a notre niveau, une grande amelioration de la situation socioprofessionnelle des fonctionnaires de la police a ete enregistree ces deux dernieres annees.
GC's indicated effectiveness was also the subject of a research paper that discussed its apparent significant amelioration of metabolic alternations and its immune modulatory role in the treatment of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis ("NASH"), or acute liver failure, as well as glucose intolerance, such as exists in type 2 diabetes.
Avec 18% qui anticipent plutot une baisse, le solde de cet indicateur s'etablit a un niveau negatif de -44,1 points, soit une deterioration de 2,5 points par rapport a son niveau un trimestre auparavant, mais en nette amelioration par rapport au premier trimestre de 2011 oE il avait atteint -52,4.
These perfusion studies are aimed at enhancement of islets used in transplant action as amelioration for diabetes, the fastest growing disease in the United States and the world.
Cette amelioration est en lien avec la contribution significative des activites assurances et immobiliere.