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2004; Bodker 2004; Spinuzzi 2005; Oakley and Daudert 2016), two separate user-engagement workshops were held to assess the usability and usefulness of the NCEI drought amelioration tool and test if participants believed the tool could help with decision-making.
For the recent development of amelioration inventory models, we provide a list to compare 12 papers in Table 1.
Pour sa part, le frere de l'artiste, Mohamed Bahloul, a indique que "sa famille garde espoir suite a cette legere amelioration de l'etat de sante de Hicham", exprimant au nom de la famille de l'artiste, ses remerciements aux public et artistes au Maroc et a l'etranger pour leur solidarite avec le comedien
"Following the trifling monthly amelioration during the month of April 2008 in the balance of payments account.
It further argues that its selection as a standard for Britain's first ever slave code during the period of Amelioration was progressive in respect of civil rights but anachronistic in terms judicial violence, whether in terms of estate management or strictly criminal matters.
In meetings with the regional government of Baden Wurttemberg (Germany), on 8 May, he responded to concerns regarding the translation of official documents into German, noting that existing resources will not allow for a "significant amelioration of output".
Where the disorder is heart failure, administration of the enzyme inhibitor mediates amelioration of acute coronary symptoms and/or myocardial infarction.
Most important is the computer, which makes globalisation possible, alerted us to climate change and facilitates its amelioration. The computer changes all aspects of our lives, in tandem with science that can now study complex relationships and dynamic processes.
(Dan Berger replies: The federal government began to allow "amelioration" of the must three harvests ago, to coincide with the 2002 crush.
Un prix est decerne aux sages femmes qui, par leur comportement, ont agi comme agent de changement dans l 'amelioration de la sante neonatale dans la communaute locale, par la formation et/ou l'offre de services, en Afrique Sub Saharienne ou en Asie.
The justification given for the proposed benefit is the amelioration of some of the negative outcomes of obesity, as noted above; however, the damage caused by obesity has already been done by the time one is Medicare-eligible.
Once that OPEC crude gets to America, it faces a national market balkanized by varying government mandates for reformulated gasolines that make price spikes in one area, such as California, immune to amelioration from outside sources.