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Following to MAP precipitation tests, in the present study, four quick-growth medicinal plants including garden rocket (Eruca sativa), dill (Anethum graveolens), fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) and parsley (Petroselinum crispum) were tested to explore the ameliorative effect of the MAP precipitate obtained under the optimum operating conditions (Yetilmezsoy and Sapci-Zengin, 2009).
The ameliorative purpose or effect of the law was now to be considered under section 15(2), although the Court left open the possibility that it might also be relevant to whether the law or program perpetuated disadvantage.
Ameliorative programs could not be underinclusive of the very people they were designed to assist, but exclusion from a targeted rather than a comprehensive program was less likely to be discriminatory.
Hence, if this gate is shut, primary care becomes largely ameliorative care
Several reports on the condition of the archaeological remains were issued, and recommendations for ameliorative actions were broadly vetted.
Last, they discuss threats to validity, caveats, and ameliorative strategies for valid interpretations and uses of the time-indexed effect size.
Kapp suggested that stereotyping and prejudice were the predominant forms of discrimination, and mapped out how Law's four contextual factors--(1) the pre-existing disadvantage of the claimant group; (2) the degree of correspondence between the law's differential treatment and the claimant group's actual needs and circumstances; (3) whether the law has an ameliorative purpose or effect; and (4) the nature of the interest affected--continued to be relevant to stereotyping and prejudice.
Our relationship with Pakistan has been complicated by the issue of terrorism and the need for Pakistan to take ameliorative action to eradicate terrorism against India," foreign secretary Nirupama Rao said last week.
Doubtless the implementation of Beveridge's recommendations had a vast impact on the less well off in our society, but was ameliorative rather than addressing the causes.
The progressive politics of community partnerships, then, might also be read as the ameliorative balm offered by universities for larger global capitalist logic.
When non-adherence is due to side effects, these will remain unrecognised and underestimated, so that ameliorative interventions that could reduce the side effects and thus improve adherence are never developed.