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AMENABLE. Responsible; subject to answer in a court of justice liable to punishment.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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What is actually sufficient for the Garden-of-Eden theorem to hold is a slightly weaker property called amenability, which was formulated by von Neumann in an attempt to explain the Banach-Tarski paradox: the unit ball in the space can be decomposed into finitely many parts, and those parts reassembled so to form two unit balls!
Several processing variables are considered in this section including whether the juvenile offender was detained after arrest, whether the case was plea-bargained, motioning, and amenability hearings.
Helio Resource Corporation (TSX-V: HRC), a Canada-based company that explores for mineral resources, has reported results of initial heap-leach amenability testwork at the SMP gold project, located in the Lupa Goldfields, Tanzania.
Anthropology students, however, shared a model on only two dimensions: amenability to change and the importance of the domestic violence cause.
It might be but a short step from navel-gazing cultural vacuity to left-liberalism's demonstrated amenability to cross-fertilisation with dodgy social and political theories.
Specific topics include Young-Fenchel transformation and some new characteristics of Banach spaces, an example of the boundary of topologically inverted elements, sums and products of bad functions, disc algebra and a moment problem, the stability of logmodularity for uniform algebras, regularity and amenability conditions for uniform algebras, closed suns of marginal subspaces of Banach function space, surjections on the algebras of continuous functions which preserve peripheral spectrum, asymptotics of Toeplitz determinants generated by functions with Fourier coefficients in weighted Orlicz sequence classes, spectral isometries, examples of Banach spaces that are not Banach algebras, and a spectra of algebras of analytic functions and polynomials on Banach space.
Sullivan's amenability cannot be guaranteed, however.
For instance, amenability to formal methods comes in degrees and depends on the philosophical field (170), and formal methods are required at every stage of philosophical activity (180).
Fiedler's earliest example is Peter Kolb's account of his residence in South Africa (1719), which already exhibits the emerging 'colonial gaze' by highlighting the Hottentots' amenability to Western education (p.
Assess and evaluate potential partners' capabilities, experience, and amenability to risk-sharing
Though never hostile to his country, Webb trod the well-traveled path of innumerable converts, and came to judge his compatriots principally in light of their amenability to his newfound values.
(80) While each state's code is different, the last factor in the Kent list has had the greatest impact on waiver standards: (1) the prospects for adequate protection of the public ("future dangerousness") and (2) the likelihood of reasonable rehabilitation of the juvenile by procedures, services, and facilities currently available to the juvenile court ("amenability to treatment").