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Moreover, the notion of weak amenability for an arbitrary Banach algebra was introduced and studied by Johnson [11]; the Banach algebra A is called weakly amenable if [H.
14) measures five important personality traits including openness to experience, responsibility, extravesion, amenability and emotional balance.
Diplomats clarify to their own governments how a small accommodation to the needs of another nation creates a reciprocal situation, and therefore an atmosphere of amenability conducive to agreement.
Biologists provide a thorough reference to Bacillus subtilis, a favorite research subject because of its large size and genetic amenability, and so one of the best known prokaryotes.
On March 4 in the same year, Pakistan indicated to Japan its amenability to the move.
Age-at-first-arrest speaks to the juvenile's amenability to reform in the juvenile justice system and is a predictor of chronic delinquency (Patterson, Forgatch, Yoerger, and Stoolmiller, 1998).
If the business is snapped it would be a step irreversible and not in consonance with the words "it shall continue with the business" as also against the stepwise implementation contemplated in the order particularly when the lessee has shown complete submission and amenability (through an affidavit) to implementation in letter and sprit.
Rather they give serious consideration to McCormick's relationship with his clients--priests with varying degrees of amenability to the Modern--and to his use of a vernacular architectural language alongside that of his Modernist counterparts.
2003); 'The concept of personal jurisdiction comprises two distinct components: amenability to jurisdiction and service of process.
International Resource News-27 May 2009-Helio Resource Reports Amenability Testwork Results(C)2009 ENPublishing - http://www.
Drums will continue to be the leading rigid bulk packaging product type based on their relatively low cost, reusability and amenability to shipping hazardous materials.
Construing the comparative fault statute, the Florida Supreme Court held that a tort-feasor's "[l]iability is to be determined on the basis of the percentage of fault of each participant to the accident and not on the basis of solvency or amenability to suit of other potential defendants.