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Valet Living is a full-service amenities provider to the multifamily housing industry, performing more than 340m events annually across 1.3m apartment homes and 40 states.
New data from the American Enterprise Institute Survey on Community and Society (SCS) add to a body of research on the value of living close to a mix of neighborhood institutions and amenities. (1) Our findings suggest that living in communities rich in amenities positively affects social goods such as trust, sociability, and neighborliness, while decreasing social maladies such as loneliness.
The amenities kits are produced with the environment in mind and are recyclable.
GasMod is just one of a slew of specialist amenities now finding their way into new developments across the country.
CDA officials told Dawn that the layout of this society set aside 379 kanals for amenities including 102 kanals for public buildings, 220 kanals for a green park and open spaces and 57 kanals for a graveyard.
On average, patients said they'd be willing to pay 38percent more out-of-pocket for a room with hotel-like amenities.
To increase the ease during road travels, the National Highway Authority of India ( NHAI) is now focusing more on the improvement of wayside amenities. At every 50- km stretch on national highways there would now be stops for refreshments.
But cities are increasingly also being valued for their consumption amenities. Brinkman cites two papers that compared incomes in a given location with the cost of living in that location (which is the standard way economists measure the amenity value for a city).
Product differentiation platform provider Routehappy said it has agreed with travel search engine KAYAK to integrate Scores & Amenities data into KAYAK search results.
London, United Kingdom, July 06, 2013 --( Concept Amenities, a global leader in the supply of environmentally responsible hotel guest bath amenities, is pleased to announce that 2013 will round out its 30th year in business.
Private amenities from California oak woodlands -- including benefits such as recreational opportunities, scenic beauty, living in the country, and protecting wildlife and water quality -- are important influences on landowner decisions and income (Huntsinger et al.