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Amentia stems from a breakdown in the ability of the mind to control the body: every stammerer, stutterer, throttler, constipator, involuntary confounder, and unconscious reiterator of the elements of speech (whatever attainments or faculties he may, in other respects, possess) is partially, and to a certain extent, either idiotic, or deranged: for what but derangement can it be called, to be constantly doing a thousand things that we neither intend to do, nor are conscious of doing?
Clasifica estos sintomas como delirio simple, alucinosis, estupor sintomatico y amentia. Describe el pronostico de estas condiciones clinicas y lo asocia con la enfermedad subyacente.
It was from his study of "Meynert's Amentia" (acute hallucinatory psychosis) that Freud gained the concept of "wishfulfillment," which he was to apply to dream analysis and to the functioning of the unconscious mind.
So doctors who once described their patients as TATP (thick as two planks), or diagnosed their condition as Amentia totalitatis or as Plumbi oscillans (is "swinging the lead" American as well as British slang for malingering?) will still be safe; unless, that is, they are subject to litigation.
Persistent vegetative state is not merely an advanced stage of dementia; it is amentia, an absence of everything for which people value existence.
Tenders are invited for Special Repairs To Perimeter Fencing And Pathway To Stn Central Amentia And Between Tukaram Gate And Kv No 1 Under Ge Dehu Road
From the Karachi package, all the issues of transport, water and sewerage, and water crisis and basic amentias will be resolved.
Tenders are invited for Appointment of Agency for Third Party Inspection who shall carry out the inspection of development works related to civic amentias e.g roads, water supply, sewage, drainage, construction of buildings, electrical works etc.