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Oh, if you wish, we'll stay here tomorrow," Levin answered, with peculiar amiability.
he asked, with the greatest courtesy and amiability.
Her overflowing amiability included even poor Miss Darnaway and the absent brothers and sisters.
Winnie had also other charms: her youth; her full, rounded form; her clear complexion; the provocation of her unfathomable reserve, which never went so far as to prevent conversation, carried on on the lodgers' part with animation, and on hers with an equable amiability.
Tulliver was what is called a good-tempered person,--never cried, when she was a baby, on any slighter ground than hunger and pins; and from the cradle upward had been healthy, fair, plump, and dull-witted; in short, the flower of her family for beauty and amiability.
The rain was rattling against the windows and pouring down in torrents, and such was Mr Codlin's extreme amiability of mind, that he more than once expressed his earnest hope that they would not be so foolish as to get wet.
Maximilian Morrel, an excellent friend I have acquired in your absence, and whose name you will hear me mention every time I make any allusion to affection, wit, or amiability.
The premier stressed the deep-rooted historic ties between the two countries, which based on brotherhood and amiability, in light of the keenness of the two political leadership to increase coordination and boost bilateral cooperation.
PIG: ATTRIBUTE: Amiability BORN: 2019, 2007, 1995, 1983, 1971 THIS YEAR: Make peace with as many people in your life as you can - all the relationships in our life are important
The judge said: "Many witnesses in the trial spoke highly of your professionalism, diligence, expertise and amiability.
It's evident as around 200 nationalities live in mutual amiability.