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That is why, aiming at easing the transition, we have jointly agreed -- CEO and board -- to part professional ways amiably.
Venerable actor Timothy West in a cardigan watching daytime TV, chatting amiably about the good old days.
Imagine you're at a crowded cocktail party and find yourself standing with the gathering's hostess while she chats amiably with another guest.
The footage goes on to show Putin amiably chatting and drinking tea with Medvedev, patting a reindeer and driving a speedboat.
According to The Daily Telegraph, the pair, who regularly tweet each other, obviously enjoyed catching up in person and chatted amiably as the play ebbed and flowed on the field, and Sir Mick Jagger also relished the game from the box.
Senator Saleh Shah said that both the tribes have been living together amiably in the said area for centuries, however, there is a third force which is creating dispute between the Mehsud tribe of refugees and local Wazir tribe.
rude, crude and chaotic farce amiably played by the three stooges and their intended victims.
As his film moves from festivals to mainstream venues, Radnor enhances his amiably understated wit as a leading man with budding strides as a writer and director.
The storybook-style narration is genteel, and the heroes are amiably voiced.
He said that force had never been solution to any problems and only talks can help resolve the issues amiably.
However, we are amiably guided through some of the many areas of concern and stylistic choices that constitute twentieth- and twenty-first-century French literature, including post-colonial writing (Jean Haztfeld), Franco-Egyptian works (the neglected Albert Cossery), formal inventors and fabulists (Queneau, Pierre Bettencourt), and prose poets (PierreAlbert Jourdan).
Black bears have a fearsome reputation, but Buchanan tags along with expert and bear biologist Lynn Rogers, who chats amiably to female bear, Lily while feeding her grapes and treating her as a best pal.