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They reiterated that our religion is a faith of amicability, mercy and tolerance and that it follows the approach of goodness, reformation and construction through dialogue and effective participation in building the human civilization.
The people of Pakistan and Bangladesh wish to cultivate amicability and brotherhood by putting behind bitterness of the past, Nisar said he is surprised to witness the silence of the world, particularly, the institutions of human rights over what he called the 'killing of justice'.
In his opinion piece, Al Sharyan said the leaked letter lacked the normal standards of diplomacy and amicability and made Saudi Arabia assume the responsibility of the Kuwait losses.
Amman, Ramadan 22, 1436, July 09, 2015, SPA -- Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, today lauded the firm relations binding the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and described them as distinguished, pointing that the current relations are deep-rooted on firm bases of amicability and close fraternal cooperation to best serve the interests of the two sisterly countries and their peoples under direct instructions of the leaderships of the two countries.
Keeping in mind the virtues of justice and nice influence, such as spread of peace, amicability, and comfort,
At present, Taiwan and China are enjoying a period of amicability and this is reflected in Taiwan's development assistance being more concentrated on poverty alleviation in the underdeveloped world.
The kind of composition of work times, breaks, and benefits could also incentivize amicability.
Smiling shows amicability to me, and I think that's a huge necessity in the workplace," says Jimmy Marsanico, Data Scientist at Fino.
He also praised the ideal efforts exerted by ambassador Al-Ghadir over the last five years to further enhance the ties of fraternity, amicability and bilateral relations between the two countries in all fields.
Frequent high-level visits are one characteristic of bilateral amicability.
However, Gauhar's sister Nigaar Khan feels the animosity between the two might pave away to amicability in the future.
Technology is making the success of operations, maintenance, capital improvements, curb appeal and front-office staff amicability all the more transparent.