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Table 2 shows the resonance areas of different hydrogens in ExtPEEAs with amide contents ranging from 20 to 60 mol%.
DRIFT'S analysis of maleamic acid-treated fabrics confirmed the formation of ester linkages via protonated amide functional groups at 160[degrees]C.
Through a series of chemical reactions, CDT, a 12-carbon ring structure, becomes a chemical known as laurolactam, a 12-carbon ring with the same amide functionality built into it that is contained in caprolactam.
The PC-12 cells were seeded in 96 well-culture dish and pre-incubated with indicated concentrations of the amides for 20 min prior to the addition of [H.
The fatty amide were obtained by the reaction of diethnolamine with Albizia benth seed oil.
The initial bisester amide units were monodisperse, as was confirmed with NMR and MALDI-TOF experiments (Table 1).
Primary amides are relatively small molecules, so they migrate or bloom to the surface of a film quickly after extrusion.
Simple esters such as Loxiol G-33, G40 and G60 for thermal stability, low water sensitivity, and replacement of amide waxes.
With the intensification of the competition within the amide herbicide industry in the recent past as well as the release of Industrial Policy for Pesticide Industry, the production of amide herbicides in China is expected to become increasingly concentrated in years to come.
Table of Contents Executive Summary 1 Introduction and scope of study 2 Methodology and source 3 1 Overview of amide herbicides in China 5 1.
The amide III bands of the cross-linked blend films in Figures 2(b)-2(d) exhibited similar wave number to the non-cross-linked blend films with the same blend ratio.
Early intermediates still contain ester functions but these are successively converted into amide functions.