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Ethyl acetate fraction the spectrum shown in Figure-11, was found to contain alcohols, phenols, amides and ketones in addition to aromatic amines.
The vibrational frequency of the amide I band is particularly sensitive to and can be used to predict protein secondary structure (Yu et al.
Associations between amide proton transfer measures and mini-mental state examination
Table 2 shows the resonance areas of different hydrogens in ExtPEEAs with amide contents ranging from 20 to 60 mol%.
DRIFT'S analysis of maleamic acid-treated fabrics confirmed the formation of ester linkages via protonated amide functional groups at 160[degrees]C.
Through a series of chemical reactions, CDT, a 12-carbon ring structure, becomes a chemical known as laurolactam, a 12-carbon ring with the same amide functionality built into it that is contained in caprolactam.
Bis(2-hydroxyethyl) Albizia benth fatty amide (HEABOA) was first prepared as described above.
Patent 7,205,373 (April 17, 2007), "Enzyme Catalyzed Organosilicon Esters and Amides," Kurt Friedrich Brandstadt, Thomas Howard Lane, and Richard A.
Allergic reactions to amide agents are extremely rare.
His broad-ranging experience in polymer chemicals will help propel Aakash in its exclusive alliance and supply of oleochemicals from Fine Organics, the pioneer in development of fatty amides in India.
Furthermore, Novartis, through its Sandoz generic pharmaceutical unit, will supply Amide with orphenadrine citrate ER and desipramine HCI tablets until Amide obtains Food and Drug Administration approval to manufacture the products itself.
Icelandic pharmaceuticals company Actavis Group said on Friday (20 May) that it had agreed to acquire the US company Amide Pharmaceutical Inc.