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What have you seen amiss in me, and what would you have me to do?
It may not be amiss to remind the incredulous reader that a famous firm in the City accepted precisely the same security as that here accepted by Bulpit Brothers, with the same sublime indifference to troubling themselves by making any inquiry about it.
With a brief reference to the happy time when it had been his privilege to know Mrs Rokesmith as Miss Wilfer, Mr Lightwood explained what was amiss with him and why he came.
I hope there is nothing amiss with the sister of my old pupil?
DENNIS Amiss believes England are genuine contenders to win the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy.
get that makes a lot of It's one of the England great record ground Amiss "It will be a great occasion on Saturday.
By Scott Burton BILL TURNER yesterday paid tribute to longtime travelling head lad and West Country racing figure Derek Amiss, who has died at the age of 81.
It was particularly poignant for Dennis Amiss, the Harborne-born England star who introduced the helmet which went on to change the game in 1977.
DENNIS AMISS, one of the first batsmen to use a helmet, hopes lessons can be learnt from the injury to Phil Hughes.
Kingsley Amiss performs with Rebuke The Masses, In Armistice, Run For Your Guns, Lydia Ayer and Red Falls at 8 p.
Meanwhile, ECB vice-chairman Dennis Amiss yesterday revealed that Pietersen had first threatened to resign as England captain in India before Christmas.