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Meriem was baffled by the puzzle that her search for ammunition had revealed.
At the same time I stepped from behind my boul-der, drawing one of my revolvers that I might conserve the more precious ammunition of the express rifle.
Very shortly he returned with an extra revolver and ammunition belt strapped about his waist.
You have done well," replied the white man, "and you shall have the rifle and ammunition whether he be a friend or enemy, provided that you stand with me.
I then had arms and ammunition issued to the Germans, and leaving Bradley and five men to guard the U-33, the balance of us went ashore.
Only the rifles and ammunition," he said at last, "unless you succeed in keeping the knowledge of my presence from both Barunda's uncle and Muda Saffir.
Jimmy Hollis went over his armament and ammunition to see that nothing had been omitted.
Some fines were as low as several shillings; while in the more serious cases, such as thefts of guns and ammunition, the fines were correspondingly heavy.
Gradually we drew out of range, though Red-Eye continued making trips for more ammunition and the pebbles continued to whiz about us.
Returned to the Solomons by the Australian government, he had recruited on Buli Plantation for the purpose--as was afterwards proved--of getting arms and ammunition.
Mightily obliged to you--awful waste of ammunition, really.
And it was guns and ammunition, ammunition and guns--the unceasing and eternal cry.