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Thick greenish meconium with particulate matter in amniotic fluid was considerd as thick meconium while thin meconium was defined as light greenish staining of amniotic fluid.9
Variables such as foetal age, maternal age and obesity, parity and amniotic fluid volume measured by gray-scale and Doppler sonography were recorded for each mother (maternal obesity was divided into thin, normal, and obese which the criteria were based on the resolution of sonographic images affected by the patients' subcutaneous fat).
Taking out eggs from incubator then putting them immediately in ice water, lasting for 20 min in order to let cells suspend in amniotic fluid. Opening the eggs and spilling amniotic fluid enveloped by amniotic membrance lighty after sterilizing with alcohol.
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"We showed that using our device, we can collect up to a litre of amniotic fluid at full-term caesarean deliveries.
H1: Making premature infants smell amniotic fluid reduces duration of crying induced by peripheral cannulation.
There is a need to match IOF supplements to the properties of the amniotic fluid of late-incubation egg, into which these supplements are usually delivered.
Dubbed the 'Biobag', it is essentially an artificial womb filled with an artificial amniotic fluid. It also has an external oxygenator.
DURING PRENATAL CARE, a woman underwent weekly nonstress tests due to excessive amniotic fluid until the level returned to normal.