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Fetal Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome can be detected accurately and reliably by measuring amniotic fluid dehydrocholesterols.
To our knowledge, this is the first study that deals with amniotic fluid concentrations in normal pregnancy at the time of midtrimester amniocentesis.
RR: Studies by our group and others indicate that approximately 50% of women presenting with a dilated cervix and bulging membranes before 24 weeks of gestation will have a positive amniotic fluid culture for microorganisms.
At birth, infants are often diffusely covered in vernix, amniotic fluid, and blood.
She'd suffered an amniotic fluid embolism - when the fluid from the womb enters the mother's bloodstream, causing an allergic reaction and bleeding.
They took discarded human amnions and stretched each across the bottom of an open-ended glass tube, which they then filled with human amniotic fluid.
Pathologist Sebastian Lucas said the condition that killed her in Oxford last October - amniotic fluid embolism - was "unpreventable".
Cell-free fetal nucleic acids exist not only in the maternal circulation (1) but also in amniotic fluid samples (2).
Since these initial studies, prenatal Pb exposure has been measured using maternal blood Pb (BPb) during pregnancy, neonatal BPb, amniotic fluid, and umbilical cord BPb (Korpela et al.
Using that technology, investigators have now identified a profile of amniotic fluid that predicts which patients who go into premature labor with intact membranes will deliver early and therefore warrant tocolysis, said Roberto Romero, M.
Mrs Billington died on January 7 last year, when amniotic fluid surrounding her babies got into her bloodstream, causing a clot.
Still in a coma from brain damage suffered when her water broke and the amniotic fluid entered her bloodstream, doctors told the family.