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Were these principles generally practiced today, government would have relatively little to do--and the amoral Conspiracy for global control described by Mr.
Americans are learning, to their dismay, that success in the new global environment means a radically reduced standard of living as our industrial and hi-tech sectors are shamelessly strip-mined by our rootless, amoral ruling elite.
For Showgirls, Vegas is an amoral source of lurid thrills and instant success: for Leaving Las Vegas, it's a setting for glamorously doomed romance.
But fortunately - at least as far as amoral Bryce and Amanda are concerned - a smuggling plane went down nearby, and much of its white, powdery cargo is still intact.
Guilt is the general theme of tonight's episode and even the apparently amoral Gabrielle is not immune.
Many Americans have become like the citizens of Huxley's dystopia, who dissipated their energies in mindless games like Centrifugal Bumblepuppy and amoral, sensuous diversions like the feelies and the orgy-porgy.
But just as a great many anti-war movies end up glorifying blood lust, Niccol's movie works at cross purposes with itself as it asks its audience to revel in the exploits of its amoral arms dealer, a man who has ``done business with every army but the Salvation Army.
Jennifer Aniston (right) is one of several leading actresses said to be vying for the role of an amoral starlet in a film based on a 65- year-old British comic novel.
But the decision to spare Arafat makes perfect sense once it is understood that somebody other than he and Sharon are controlling critical elements of the present conflict -- specifically, an amoral globalist Power Elite that seeks to perpetuate rather than ameliorate the conflict.
This quartet's behavior ranges from dubious to amoral to unthinkable.
But the production's brightest spot is an all-too-brief appearance by Geoffrey Dwyer as Greta, the amoral transvestite club-owner whose world is fast coming to a close.
Mrs Justice Ebsworth told him he was "virtually amoral in so far as young girls are concerned" and said he was "a danger" to young and vulnerable women.