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For example, in Masks of Sanity, Hervey Cleckley cites a case study of an emotionally empty, abusive amoralist incapable of being touched by the basics of human existence;
Like Eichmann, who just the "mouthed" the Categorical Imperative without really grasping its essence, Cleckley's amoralist (one of many examples drawn from Cleckley's extensive case files) can mechanically repeat words about goodness, etc., yet not grasp their deeper meanings.
"Rollicking, rebellious and raw" is how the Amoralists, a young theater company that will celebrate its third anniversary in November, describes its goals.
Such intuitions, the essay contends, stem from the fact that standard amoralist cases allow (or even suggest) that we apprehend the putative moral opinions of amoralists as radically different from how we understand actual paradigmatic moral opinions.
The most significant problem with all theories of internalism is that they deny the coherence of what Brink calls "amoralist skepticism.."(74) The amoralist skeptic accepts that moral facts both exist and are known to us, but asks why we should care about these facts.