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Though direct links between such amorality amongst the political, financial and media elites and the delinquency and unrest of the August riots may appear limited, the general top-down instilled climate of anything goes and "I''m all right Jack" has done nothing to provide our society with a strong moral compass.
Conveniently, all this takes place in a shadowy world of amorality, where the hit men don't seem quite as bad, necessarily, because pretty much everyone deserves to die.
Those whose worship of money places them beyond the pale yet at least they make no bones about their amorality.
College students who admitted to cheating in high school or turned in plagiarized papers ranked high on personality tests of the so-called Dark Triad: psychopathy, Machiavellianism (cynicism amorality, manipulativeness), and narcissism (arrogance and self-centeredness, with a strong sense of entitlement).
The millions of potential humanists today could easily be lost to the amorality of cynicism or of pure hedonism.
Only that final essay on Vautrin's attempts to manipulate Rastignac in Le Pere Goriot fails entirely to convince, perhaps because it is difficult to see just how Vautrin's cynical, sophistical and obviously self-serving moralizing can also function as a polyphonic articulation of the narrator's ethical voice, unexpectedly emerging from a ventriloquized Vautrin in sudden dialogue with the more familiar script of his dominant amorality.
His sections on knowledge of ergonomics and engineering in torture are reminders of the amorality of objects and the need to establish a morality of use for a technology that is rapidly becoming essential to daily existence.
Since the rise of gigantic business enterprises there has been commentary on the amorality of corporations focusing on shareholder value to the exclusion of everything else.
Britain began investigating alleged corruption last year and found "clear signs of political amorality and general administrative incompetence" on the islands, which are striving to become a leading offshore financial centre.
Times journalist Richard Owen remarks on an article printed in the Vatican newspaper which hailed Wilde as "a man who behind a mask of amorality asked himself what was just and what was mistaken, what was true and what was false.
Such an outlet, they point out, sublimates our fascination with amorality in a controlled environment where it can provide harmless entertainment for millions who might otherwise turn to crime or war.
Coupled also with clear signs of political amorality and immaturity and of general administrative incompetence, they have, in my view, demonstrated a need for urgent suspension in whole or in part of the Constitution," he said;