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What a teacher of English literature in a non-western environment should also reflect on is how to train students to read a text amorally without involving themselves in any moral obligation.
It is not as though it is amorally written--there is an implicit code of ethics that drives "the life," restricted further by diet.
Although their crimes are frightful, one has to pity the teenagers involved because they seem amorally unaware of the consequences of their actions.
As a plant, then, a being can only live amorally, that is, outside the culturally acknowledged standards of moral behavior.
Largely peopled with shallow, superficial people who behave amorally, Safari also manages to be rather nastily homophobic (an attitude the author appears to endorse or at least condone).
I think it's edifying to remind ourselves that to be political doesn't primarily mean to be amorally opportunistic or shortsightedly and self-servingly scheming.
The most amorally flexible people involved in a bureaucracy tend to rise to the top and become its leaders.
While Business Ethics has been a fixture in many business school curricula over the years, business leaders tended to think and act amorally most of the time, doing the right thing as long as it didn't get in the way of making a profit.
George's Mother takes us some distance from this initial emphasis on the inability of any but the amorally strong to survive the seeming collaboration between the home and the world to destroy the weak and the innocent.
The erotic is fate, but not all the instruments it plays are so amorally innocent as she; they may achieve grace only through responsibility.
Perhaps, as Klein (1988) argues, managers are forced to adopt a dual moral standard;" [acting] amorally as an official of an organization and morally as a private person" (p.