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And with the advent of new technology, such as picture messaging and 3G, this time next year we won't just be expressing ourselves amorously in text.
Another version states that Seithennin was a visiting local king, who, at the time of the storm, was intent on amorously distracting the fair maiden Mererid, who was in charge of the sluice gates.
The young pair arrived early in June and immediately began behaving amorously, but it was feared the resulting eggs could be infertile, which is common in young and inexperienced breeders.
Mouth-to-mouth when it comes to the amorously inclined ex-Coronation Street star Chris Bisson and that nice looking girl absolutely no one's heard of, called Catalina.
His married sleazeball lawyer cousin Carl (Paul Reiser) is playing kinky sex games with her and widowed detective Dehling (John Goodman) has come over all amorously protective because she resembles his dead wife.
The disco-glam theatrics continued with title-track Couples as Jacksonmoved amorously around the stage and leaned into the crowd after each elongated note.
And who didn't draw the conclusion that it is therefore easy, in this technological age, when objects are hurled INSIDE a ground to get the criminals inside a court and hopefully inside a small cell with a butch psychopath smiling down amorously from the top bunk?
We collapsed on the floor together in the dressing room and rolled around amorously until the club was deserted.
His partner, expertly coiffed and svelte in cling-film chiffon, shimmies amorously around him as he struts and poses across the floor in the manner of a latter-day John Travolta.
Kate, 34, said yesterday: "Jasper must be the product of an amorously ambitious corgi dog and a submissive rottweiler bitch.
To this impulse from the Crucifixion Brassai attributes Picasso's extremes, "his amorously irreverent pastiches, his verve, his humor, his cruelty," all of it "the magnifying glass disclosing the 'style beneath the brush.