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Tottel taught the rhetoric of elegant amorousness, conveyed through a romanticized version of the behaviours of courtly pastime.
Ladha's amorousness towards the hybrid language she works with is constant, sometimes overwrought, bright with the humourous workings of cliches, but sadly aware of the ways women have to write within the operations of a patriarchal discourse.
Berman, who opens the ballet's second half with flying waltzing, shaped the ballet's plotless theme of coquetry and amorousness with her customary focus and absorption.
Spenser's and Tasso's more austere designs tend to overturn the indulgence and amorousness of Ariosto's reading of Virgil.
Francis Hopkinson made an amusing but scurrilous reference to Howe's amorousness in <IR> THE BATTLE OF THE KEGS </IR> (1778).
There are patches of serious research, as in the account of Caravaggio's patron, Cardinal del Monte, although the author writes with an all too subjective amorousness about the Cardinal's boy-musicians.
If Cato's creed is one that urges dissolution of the private self into the larger public cause, the young people's amorousness is the most shocking imaginable truancy from this cause.
Without Spenser's Epithalamion as the antecedent for these episodes in Joseph Andrews, it is possible to enjoy Adams's voraciousness at the wedding feast and the amorousness of the wedding night; but with Spenserian allusions at hand, Fielding's feast becomes a Bacchanal, the wedding night a victory for the race and the nation.
Now in the amorousness of the nuptial bed The famous queen lies sleeping, with her head On her king's breast.
In fact, a certain amorousness does surface in the court papers from time to time, notably when they record intrafamily largesse: One year, for example, Donald Newhouse received a salary of $397,839, plus dividends totaling more than $650,000, an amount he regards as "nominal.
Unfortunately Amaryllis and Mirtillo, taken in all its sumptuous Venetian amorousness from a pastoral drama by Guarini, did not accompany the exhibition from Antwerp, but has returned to its private owner, Graf von Schonborn of Pommersfelden.