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Tottel taught the rhetoric of elegant amorousness, conveyed through a romanticized version of the behaviours of courtly pastime.
This unmarried school teacher represents, along with his girlfriend, Varvara (a big, bright Canadian mezzo, Marianne Bindig), the lighthearted amorousness to which Katya and Boris are denied access by both their circumstances and their personalities.
81) He draws a distinction between behavior motivated by animus and behavior motivated by amorousness.
Berman, who opens the ballet's second half with flying waltzing, shaped the ballet's plotless theme of coquetry and amorousness with her customary focus and absorption.
Census Bureau wrings all the amorousness out of a perfectly sappy - er, make that happy - holiday with a barrage of facts and figures.
There are patches of serious research, as in the account of Caravaggio's patron, Cardinal del Monte, although the author writes with an all too subjective amorousness about the Cardinal's boy-musicians.