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Description of categories and codes based on the number of excerpts from narratives related to social representations of terminally ill children and adolescents Categories Codes n % Experiences, strategies Failure 20 17.4 and consequences of Religiosity 19 16.5 conviviality with Personal learning 12 10.4 terminal illness Self-overcoming 12 10.4 Sense of accomplishment 12 10.4 Extending the meaning of life 9 7.8 Team limitations 5 4.3 Mission and amorousness Manifestation of mission 7 6.1 in the terminal Manifestation of love 6 5.2 conditions Terminal conditions as Interruption of life cycle 8 7.0 the end of life Death 5 4.3 Total 115 100 Source: Data obtained by research.
Phyllis Jones at first responded to Williams's attention, e.g., by attending his evening lectures (Hadfield 59, 65-66, 74), and a certain amount of amorousness appears in his poems to her (not in the few reprinted in David Bratman's edition of the masques, but see Fredrick and McBride's mention of a poem about her breasts and another imagining her bathing [34]); a controlled degree of amorousness in reply was no doubt hoped for.
She makes the weaknesses of others--the mother's vanity, the maid's amorousness, the devil's prompting--responsible for her crime and not herself.
This model produced a proliferation of printed miscellanies of verse in the early Elizabethan period, both single-author collections and anthologies, in which male courtly behaviour is defined in terms of the potentially contradictory ideals of elegant amorousness and well-framed virtue.
This unmarried school teacher represents, along with his girlfriend, Varvara (a big, bright Canadian mezzo, Marianne Bindig), the lighthearted amorousness to which Katya and Boris are denied access by both their circumstances and their personalities.
He considered golden locks "a sign of amorousness" in a woman.
Ladha's amorousness towards the hybrid language she works with is constant, sometimes overwrought, bright with the humourous workings of cliches, but sadly aware of the ways women have to write within the operations of a patriarchal discourse.
Berman, who opens the ballet's second half with flying waltzing, shaped the ballet's plotless theme of coquetry and amorousness with her customary focus and absorption.
Though Lawrence wrote this extensive scenario (twelve pages in all) into the final manuscript of The Rainbow in a deliberately provocative language ("immoral and against mankind") he was subsequently forced to tone down its lubricity to accord with the propriety and demands of a publisher (Methuen) who was "offended by the callous, predatory quality of Will's amorousness" (Ross 46-52).
Gilman is certainly capable of turning an infelicitous phrase, such as his description of Chekhov's "notional presences" in Seagull or the "amorousness toward the invisible" in Vanya.
Spenser's and Tasso's more austere designs tend to overturn the indulgence and amorousness of Ariosto's reading of Virgil.
Francis Hopkinson made an amusing but scurrilous reference to Howe's amorousness in <IR> THE BATTLE OF THE KEGS </IR> (1778).