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Fourth, Evnine provides a sketch of his own hylomorphic theory, which he calls "amorphic hylomorphism," a theory according to which there are often cases such that some material object x is the matter of a different material object y, where there exists a unity of formal, final, and efficient causes in y, but y is not composed of x and a form (or some substitute for form).
The concept of the mangle is thought with and through the research data, supporting a diffractive reading that highlights multiple, shifting, emerging, and amorphic elements that entangle in diverse (and potentially contradictory) ways over the course of a temporal sequence.
Based on the Chinese Soil Taxonomy (National Soil Survey Office (NSSO) 1998), the soils in the study area are classified as Ferrallisols, Anthrosols, Amorphic soils and some other soil types (e.g.
At first, these angels are presented as amorphic stone giants, known only as the Watchers--loathsome creatures inhabiting the fringes of the world who have helped the Cainites in building their wicked civilization.
Histopathologic examination revealed that the most important changes were located in the crop, bursa of Fabricius, and lungs with presence of amorphic basic intracytoplasmic inclusions.
Modelo de BI usando la La informacion de la arquitectura Amorphic Web es extraida por el sistema prototipo Amorphic, este puede localizar los datos de interes sobre la base de los conocimientos de dominio o estructura de la pagina.
Her own website features a "Shop The Vibe" section that allows browsers to scroll through four-figure gemstone picture frames and amorphic sculptures--one of the latter, an amoeba with a perfect circle through its center, is aptly called "Amorphic Sculpture."
In the bladder, at the site of the left ureteral orifice, an amorphic calcification was seen measuring 2 cm in diameter (Fig.
MacMurtrie is the artistic director of Amorphic Robot Works (ARW, http://, a collective of artists, scientists, and engineers.
In spite of the progress, the importance of polygenic or spontaneous diabetes models is not diminished because the majority of genetic variations that are causative for a complex disease are not amorphic, but hypomorphic [3-5].
In the months since then, they have settled in nicely, sharing parenting tips with Luise Kaunert and Chico MacMurtrie, whose Amorphic Robot Works studio is in a church down the block and whose daughter is 4 months old.
The histopathological examination showed acanthosis, papillomatosis, hyperkeratosis, perinuclear vacuolization of some keratinocytes, and irregular shaped granules of dark amorphic material in the papillary and middle dermis (Figure-2).