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According a recent study published by Fact.MR, the amorphous iron (Fe amorphous) market is expected to envisage 6% volume growth in 2019 y-o-y over 2018 to surpass 2,427 tons in sales.
[UKPRwire, Sun Jul 14 2019] Amorphous polyolefin are one of the most popular hot melt adhesives.
[USPRwire, Wed Jul 10 2019] Based on geographies, the global High-purity Amorphous Boron Market is segmented into seven regions including North America, Latin America, Europe, CIS & Russia, Japan, APEJ (the Asia Pacific excluding Japan) and MEA.
The appeal of amorphous metals is exactly what make them difficult to shape into functional parts: Compared with pure metals or established alloys, amorphous metals have non-crystalline structure, resulting in materials that are resistant to corrosion and wear, yet feature many of the elasticity qualities of polymers.
Initially, Tulk and colleagues at the National Research Council of Canada and from the University of California at Los Angeles were exploring the structural nature of amorphous ice -- a state of ice that forms with no ordered crystalline structure -- as it recrystallizes at even higher pressures.
While crystalline regions are formed at higher temperatures, molybdenum sulphide deposited at room temperature is amorphous. It is precisely this amorphous molybdenum sulphide deposited at room temperature that has the highest catalytic activity.
The metalloid element of boron (B) is beneficial to the glass formation ability improvement, amorphous structure stabilization, and grain refinement for the Fe-based amorphous alloys [15].
Histologic examination of the mass showed a nodule of amorphous debris and fibrinous material with histiocytes and multinucleated giant cells without organism, consistent with a cardiac CAT (Figure 5).
The IE5-Class Efficiency Amorphous Motor has been integrated for the first time into Hitachi's oil-free scroll compressor (SRL-A3.7DV, -A5.5DV, 7.5DV).
Amorphous alloys company Liquidmetal Technologies Inc (Other OTC:LQMT) stated on Thursday that it plans to purchase its first amorphous metal molding machine from Licensee, Eontec Co Ltd.
The research in the field of metallic glasses started since the discovery of ability to amorphize Au75Si25 in 1960 by means by rapid solidification, the amorphous alloys and Bulk Metallic Glassy alloys (BMG) may be distinguished on the basis of cooling rates and the thermal response as the material is heated above room temperature [1].
Amorphous aluminum-based alloys containing [greater than or equal to] 80 at.% Al constitute a group of materials promising for structural applications.