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For the second heating, a strong exothermal cold crystallization peak in the range between 50 and 90[degrees]C is measured that shows the crystallization process of amorphously solidified phases during heating.
The company's morphing from Watson Pharmaceuticals, a low-key California company with a good reputation, into Actavis Pharma, and now amorphously combined with Forest Labs and Warner Chilcott, has been difficult to follow.
Throughout an amorphously defined and ever-changing period for mass retailing in America, this meeting has succeeded in retaining its role as the single most-relevant gathering of mass retailers in this country.
The events of the crisis caused many to question the policies of the pre-crisis era, which tended towards minimizing regulation as well as many others amorphously placed under the term Washington Consensus.
Rosler defines the art world as the "large and amorphously bounded group of people who have some understanding of the frames or universes of discourse with which to understand works of art, including the capacity to understand irony and a certain degree of either overstatement or understatement and still know how to place their meaning within broader conversations of meaning.
Devoid of the various happenings that 'create intervals in social life' (Leach 1968: 135), their time stretches out amorphously, endlessly.
Registering the effect of sunlight hitting the blossoms, the paintings are a sort of tachistic patchwork of quietly lyrical, atmospheric hues, sometimes amorphously spreading, sometimes striking and concentrated, like the red patches that suddenly appear as spontaneous accents in Untitled, 1999.
But more than this, as will be illustrated later in this discussion, the journey turns out to be amorphously hazardous and unable to utilize the Sahara Desert as a means to an expected end.
At the same time, I will engage with feminist theories on women in combat to fill a blind spot in Gardiner's account--how Gibson's amorphously gendered Satan contains a power to nullify the purpose of the divine warrior-son's sacrifice which the film never quite overcomes.
The goals of the healthcare town halls were somewhat simplistically or amorphously defined-did government representatives seek to persuade members of the public to support whatever plans were in the offing at the time (May through September 2009), or were officials really open to hearing about new ideas and amendments to various proposed bills?
Underpinning the latter, is the notion that national-security relevant information is not amorphously loose standing.
It showed that the idealism JFK invoked amorphously would not compliantly accede to the pragmatism he endorsed more specifically.