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Consonant with such radical amorphousness and collapse of values, London is visualized "as a spirit that has altered before it can be chronicled; as a heart that certainly beats, but with no pulsation of humanity.
Wilhelm focuses on the gender amorphousness of hands under an artist's gaze.
I'll take up each question in turn, cutting straight through the amorphousness of these laws to arrive at what you need to know to protect your company's assets today.
At this point it is important to remember that for Agamben, the ethical experience of freedom is precisely "the experience of being (one's own) potentiality, of being (one's own) possibility--exposing, that is, in every form of one's own amorphousness and in every act one's own inactuality" (1993, 44).
Although it may be impossible to delineate with any great precision, doodling occupies that liminal space between haphazard accidents of chance and conscious choice, between confusion and clarity, between amorphousness and formal coherence.
Moreover, the 'evolutionary' process of her sculptures attests to her approach to the nature surrounding her, which serves as an inexhaustible source of inspiration, both in her choice of a work substance found in nature and in her reference to qualities such as organicity and amorphousness which are associated with the natural world.
The amorphousness of the Collective Security Treaty Organization in the South Caucasus makes it less efficient in
This conflict, between trying to investigate the real parameters of the "soslovie society," and, as Wirtschafter put it in her latest intervention in the discussion, the "porosity, amorphousness, and malleability of Russia's official social categories," (5) is something that does not quite manifest itself in Ivanova and Zheltova's work, so focused as it is on what the laws said about soslovie.
But see Webb, supra note 2, at 790 (characterizing criticism of mosaic approach's amorphousness as over reliant on judicial certainty).
Clarity is often related to the degree of amorphousness in the polymers used, which is strongly influenced by the cooling rates.
So transcultural poetics has an amorphousness about it that is also about a dynamicity and aversion to coerce frameworks of reading into hierarchical value systems.