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This is why the only ethical experience (which, as such, cannot be a task or a subjective decision) is the experience of being (one's own) potentiality, of being (one's own) possibility--exposing, that is, in every form one's own amorphousness and in every act one's own inactuality (Community 44, italics mine).
Pondering the amorphousness of the speaker, Howe said: "She bears the full weight of the duality all women bear: she is the object and she struggles to become the subject.
This amorphousness in Nigeria's nationhood has also been reiterated in the succinct observation of Nigeria's first prime minister, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, "since 1914 the British Government has been trying to make Nigeria into one country, but the Nigerian people themselves are historically different in their backgrounds...
Coordination interaction in between CN groups of PAN and [Li.sup.+] ions will help formation of cross-linking site thus increasing amorphousness of gel polymer electrolyte [6].
I wrote in magazines and in three books that Impressionism (which might equally well be called "Luminism") being the dupe of the moment, of translation in front of Nature, sur le motif, of the luminous moment, was leading French painting to the "abyss of amorphousness".'
The decentralization of cities no doubt influenced this amorphousness in racial boundaries.
Their amorphousness is the entire reason why an index is necessary to measure them, after all.
In other works, painted two-dimensional surfaces on multiple planes offer suggestions of depth, only suddenly to withdraw the offer and leave us with a mocking amorphousness. More extreme are Picasso's wire sculptures--often referred to as his "drawing in space"--in which the medium takes on a one-dimensional quality.
'Amorphousness' is in the nature of the human psyche prior to experiencing expression through any medium, including language.
Containment and predictability are always set off against amorphousness and the unexpected.
Pinning down an individual's class is akin to nailing a jellyfish to the wall, bell hooks has observed that this amorphousness makes "the threat of class warfare, of class struggle ...
From out of amorphousness, the artist directs the disposition of his shapes, colors and visual energies.