amount accrued

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He said the women had also been entitled to share the amount accrued from the forest royalty for the first time.
The total amount accrued so far is PS597,610 - with 7,222 of these coming from litter fines, 397 for smoking related incidents and 14 for dog fouling.
Lot 1: The minimum requirement is that the annual amount accrued in the year of greatest execution is equal to or greater than 70% of the estimated value of the contract or its average annuality if this is lower than the estimated value of the contract.
If the amount accrued up to April 5 is higher, then you are entitled to the higher amount.
At that point, the liquidator was no longer required to pay interest under the "supplementary payments" provision of the primary policy because that further amount accrued only after the liquidator had already satisfied the liability limit of the primary policy in the manner specified by the "supplementary payments" provision.
Currently it is mandatory that payslips show the number of superannuation payments and the amount accrued to date.
The aggregate amount of bonuses paid generally did not exceed the amount accrued for book purposes at the end of the plan year.
Indeed, the final amount of the financial penalties could be higher, possibly significantly higher, than the amount accrued.
Once a company has disclosed the specific amount accrued for a litigation contingency, no plaintiff would rationally settle for a lower amount," the letter states, adding that the disclosure could prompt plaintiffs to seek even more.
Often, central and state government staff with high incomes did not get the full amount accrued in gratuity.
3) Under the constant rate method, the daily portions will accrue more slowly than under the ratable method in early years and more rapidly in later years, but the total amount accrued will always be less until maturity.
Approximately USD30m, or 10% of the company's second quarter 2007 pretax income excluding special items, was accrued by the company for its annual employee profit sharing programme, bringing the total amount accrued for 2007 to approximately USD34m.