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The amount computed as non-plan grants for the IITs will be based on student strength.
Step 4--multiplying the credit rate of 10% by the excess of current R&D performed in Georgia over the base amount computed in Step 3.
If a trust fund was used, the actuarial liability was on average 46% lower than the amount computed assuming no separate investment of funds, and the annual required contribution (ARC) was on average 36% lower than the amount computed assuming no separate investment of funds.
31, 2006 and includes that date, the taxpayer's research credit will have two components--(1) a credit amount computed under "old law" (i.
65 percent) applies to the extent that a taxpayer's current-year research expenses exceed a base amount computed by using a 1 percent fixed-base percentage (i.
Even at age 80, Schwab suggests having 40% invested in stocks, twice the amount computed by the "rule of 100.
If the rebate received is less than the credit amount computed on your 2001 return, you'll be able to claim the rest of the credit when you file your 2001 return.
The standard error statistic in this example tells us that the predictive (estimated) sales for the loss months may actually be $221,767 more or less than the actual amount computed by the program.
Generally, no deduction is allowed for the "disqualified portion" of the yield, which is the lesser of (i) the OID, or (ii) an amount computed under the following formula:
41(a)(3), which allows taxpayers to claim a separate 20% credit for payments they make to an "energy research consortium," regardless of whether the base amount computed for regular credit (i.
A taxpayer receiving a distribution from an IRA that has been funded through contributions of tax-exempt monies can exclude from income an amount computed using the above formula.