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1-Repayment of loans or money advances paid to the employee in excess of his entitlements, provided that the amount deducted in this case shall not exceed 10 per cent of his remuneration.
Financial corrections for the same violations have been imposed on the Sofia Municipality, the amount deducted to date amounting to about BGN 1.6 million.
However, the decision does not allow people to use foreign currencies in cash, with payment done via the scanning of QR codes, with the amount deducted through bank accounts.
LIFESTYLE AUDITFormer chairperson of Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) Sarah Serem in 2015 announced that the deductions had started coming through but could not reveal the actual amount deducted, only that an account had been opened for that purpose.But at a recent media breakfast, Ms Serem's successor, Lyn Cherop Mengich, appeared not to be so sure about that.
Excise and Taxation Minister Mukesh Kumwar Chawla briefing the meeting that his department has already held a series of meetings with FBR/Inland Revenue Officers at Karachi and Islamabad but no concrete step is taken to refund the amount deducted at source during 2012-13, 2015-16 and 2016-17.
The CM asked the finance department to work out the interest on the amount deducted by the FBR from 2013 so that it could also be claimed.
The chief minister directed the Finance department to work out interest on the amount deducted by FBR from 2013 so that interest could also be claimed.
The parties to the contract determined that the cylinders should be valued at $125, with that amount deducted from the Cylinder Deferred Payment for a shortfall or added to the Cylinder Deferred Payment if the asset cylinder number exceeded 6,500.
a) The recovery of advances or amount of money paid to the worker in excess of his entitlements, on condition that the amount deducted in this case does not exceed 10 per cent of his remuneration;
The leaders demanded of the government to prove its claim that crisis had been averted, return the amount deducted from the budget and take back its decision of imposing indirect taxes.
He stressed reconsidering the maximum amount deducted from the tax in exchange for insurance premiums, asserting the importance of the government support for the insurance sector.
The bench was also informed that the amount deducted from consumers was service charges.