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Few, if any, stopped to consider that the improvements, buildings, and business were simply the outlay of capital brought from elsewhere, and as yet the settlement or town, as it was now called, had neither produced nor exported capital of itself equal to half the amount expended.
This means that the average amount expended annually on these five items during this period was N275 billion.
International Diabetes Federation (IDF) says that the amount expended on diabetes treatment in the European region was pegged at US$105.
The Claimant challenged the decisions of the lower courts on the basis that they had been wrong not to grant compensation to the Claimant for the full amount expended by him and other expenses incurred.
It is also worthy of mention that Kuwait Fund had provided a technical assistance in 2008 of an amount of Kuwaiti Dinars 100,000 for the preparation of the technical and economic feasibility studies for this project and the amount expended from the technical assistance will be incorporated in the subject Loan.
African countries now finance a significant share of their infrastructure projects with domestic resources, after such resources accounted for 47 percent of the total amount expended on projects in 2012, Carlos Lopes, Executive Secretary of the UN Economic Commission for Africa (ECA), said here Wednesday.
This provision created an "an irrefutable presumption of loss to the United States based on the total amount expended on the contract .
IF it is true that most people tune into ITV programmes, the vast amount expended on education appears to have been wasted.
The actual amount expended will depend on different factors such as market conditions, regulatory and legal requirements, corporate cash generation and other factors.
Under the joint venture agreement, Lonmin can earn a "50 per cent interest in Wallbridge's rights to the North Range properties by spending twice the amount expended on the proerties to date, subject to any underlying interests held by third parties," according to the news release.
As one might expect, the dollar amount expended on entertainment generally rises with income.
Market players say since around 100 billion yen of the amount is booked for reasons other than market interventions, the amount expended by Japanese monetary authorities for Thursday's action is estimated at about 4.