amount produced

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The amount produced in the country is very limited compared to its requirements for the production of 300,000 cars annually, Anis indicated.
Today, it is estimated by industry experts that the Permian Basin still contains recoverable oil and natural gas reserves exceeding the amount produced over the last 90 years.
It was found that one session of smoking "shisha" resulted in carbon monoxides levels four to five times higher than the amount produced by one cigarette.
The supply schedule is set such that the maximum amount produced will never exceed 21 million Bitcoins in total.
9 Kg/ha, respectively) compare with application of 50% less than the recommended amount produced the minimum yield (8616.
985 million pounds of annual milk production per farm (about the amount produced by 150 dairy cows).
This is nearly three times the amount produced from Inga's two existing dams, which are decades old and have been crippled by neglect, government debt and risk-averse investors.
Currently, Pakistan is a safe haven for drug traffickers and for their labs and there is no ban on their activities," Muqbil insisted, saying the drugs trafficked from Nangarhar to Kabul were twice the amount produced in the eastern province.
To measure the amount produced of each grade, a belt scale can be used to obtain the weight of the aggregate materials during the transport process.
This is equivalent to the same amount produced in the whole of sub-Saharan Africa.
This is equivalent to the amount produced in sub-Saharan Africa.