amount produced

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At present, it is primarily manufactured in Japan, with a small amount produced in the US.
Because as the amount produced is too small to export, visitors can only sample them in local restaurants.
6 million tons of met coal in the third quarter of 2017, nearly three times the amount produced in the prior-year period.
Enterprises of the TATNEFT Croup of Companies produced 7 million 215 thousand 964 tonnes of crude oil in three months of 2017 which was 283,640 tonnes more than the amount produced during the same period of the previous year (104.
According to the NYS Maple Producers Association, more than 600,000 gallons of maple syrup were produced from the sap of New York maples in 2015--that's more than two-and-a-half times the amount produced just 10 years earlier.
At the moment the country generates energy via alternative means but the amount produced can be increased and even stored for use in future or for export.
People this year have less than five percent of the amount produced in recent years at their disposal.
The factory in Kicevo will put out air bags and the first amount produced in Macedonia will be exported to such renowned car manufacturers as Skoda, Volkswagen, Toyota, BMW, Porsche and Jaguar.
The proposed equation was validated by comparing ATP amount obtained by its application, with ATP rates obtained by the addition of ATP amount produced by oxidative phosphorylation and substrate level phosphorylation in each step of the metabolic pathways that participate in the fatty acid degradation involving the glyoxylate cycle.
It was found that one session of smoking "shisha" resulted in carbon monoxides levels four to five times higher than the amount produced by one cigarette.
The supply schedule is set such that the maximum amount produced will never exceed 21 million Bitcoins in total.
985 million pounds of annual milk production per farm (about the amount produced by 150 dairy cows).