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It is pertinent to mention here that the government has reserved almost 9.7 per cent higher than the amount reserved in budget 2018-19 for adminstration of justice.
Women, who are 52 per cent of the population, would be among the beneficiaries of the programme with 25 per cent of the allocated amount reserved for them, she explained.
256.262 million followed by Establishment of the Facility for the Indigenous Development of Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty (PTCA) Baloon Catheters, NUST for which the total allocated amount reserved Rs.
It was decided at this meeting to increase by one million the amount reserved for the compensation of farmers damaged by the lack of irrigation water during the summer.
On the distribution of funds, certain delegations say that the amount reserved for the Integrated Maritime Policy (IMP) - 20% - is too large and that the fund should concentrate on fishing and aquaculture.
This page could also include line items to track the new requirements from the Financial Accounting Standards Board's Accounting Standards Update 2010-20 on "Disclosures about the Credit Quality of Financing Receivables and the Allowance for Credit Losses," including TDRs that subsequently defaulted and amount reserved for modified loans in the allowance for loan losses.
Rather than identify the amount of the MTA, Schedule UTP now asks taxpayers to rank all uncertain positions based on the amount reserved, a concept initially reflected in the draft schedule for reporting valuation and transfer pricing positions.
This is an art, not a science, and the amount reserved may depend on the client's financial condition, payment history, whether any amounts are disputed and myriad other factors.
The amount reserved by NWT for share buyback is RUB 3.5 bn (at 10% of the value of its net RAS assets at the end of 1H2010), meaning that all of the shares presented for buyout will be bought.
GAAP also requires companies to immediately restore the amount reserved into income once it becomes clear that the reserve is no longer needed.
(2) The alternate paragraph (c) should provide for periodic negotiation and adjustment of the amount reserved for special termination costs.