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It is beyond doubt that the blocks in question are polymetamorphic, as it is clearly shown by an undeformed, and therefore neogenetic, green amphibole that they often contain, and which most probably is the barroisitic amphibole and/or crossite mentioned by Moore (1986).
In a study of black spots in the parietal pleura, Boutin et al (37) reported that these areas concentrated long amphibole fibers, which in some cases had levels exceeding those found in the lung tissue of the same individual.
4 Ti-in-quartz porphyry thermobarometry Complex Comments References Wiborg (W1) Al in amphibole, Elliott 2001 amphibole- plagioclase Wiborg (W2) Amphibole in mafic Elliott 2001 magmatic enclaves and hybrid rocks Wiborg Core of the ovoids Ramo & Haapala 1995 Wiborg Core of the ovoids Ramo & Haapala 1995 Salmi Early zircon population Amelinet al.
100 de mineraux mafiques (biotite et amphibole accompagnees de noyaux residuels d'orthopyroxene et de clinopyroxene), ainsi que 20 p.
Some of the fine-grained rocks are aphyric but some are porphyritic with 1-2 mm long plagioclase phenocrysts in a groundmass of plagioclase amphibole ore etc.
Furthermore, he will enlighten visitors and gemstone enthusiasts on newly found amphibole ruby deposits.
It consists of metagabroic rocks, garnet amphibolites, amphibole schists, quartz-sericite schists and quartzites of medium- to low-pressure, as well as lawsonite and glaucophane schists and eclogites of high pressure and serpentinized ultramafic rocks (Maya and Gonzalez, 1995).
The mafic dykes are porphyritic to aphyric and consist of calcic plagioclase, hornblendic amphibole or clinopyroxene +/- olivine, ilmenite, titanite and a range of secondary minerals.
20) As to the claim of the greater reliability of asbestos body counts by light microscopy, we have shown that the severity of fibrosis in asbestosis correlates best with amphibole fiber counts measured by scanning electron microscopy and not with asbestos body counts determined by light microscopy.