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Crocidolite, like bleomycin, induced nuclear bud formation that was enhanced by XRCC1 deficiency, suggesting that crocidolite, but not Libby amphibole, has the potential to induce clustered DNA damage.
Most of the feldspars and amphiboles show evidences of thermodynamic and compositional disequilibrium with the melt.
Internalization of Libby amphibole asbestos and induction of oxidative stress in murine macrophages.
100 de mineraux mafiques (biotite et amphibole accompagnees de noyaux residuels d'orthopyroxene et de clinopyroxene), ainsi que 20 p.
Experiments on the cooling history of basaltic magma formed in arc environments (Foden and Green 1992) indicate that the stability field of amphibole relative to olivine, pyroxene and plagioclase, is expanded with increasing partial pressure of water (see also Yoder and Tilley 1962).
EPA's efforts is the development of a new slope factor that integrates the amphibole risk with the existing IRIS slope factor values and updated mortality information.
Retained fiber levels of 2 million amphibole fibers (>5 [micro]m) per gram of dry lung tissue or 5 million amphibole fibers (>1 [micro]m) per gram of dry lung tissue, as determined by electron microscopic analysis.
Chrysotile, which is the sole fibre present in 90% of "asbestos-containing" materials worldwide, is often confused with the harmful amphibole fibres due to the fact that the trade name "asbestos" has been used indiscriminately to describe them both.
39]Ar amphibole cooling age of about 391 Ma for amphibolite from Green Island, located offshore from Isle Madame (Fig.
Interstitial augite and pigeonite have in part been altered to amphibole and mica.