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Thus, the fiestas underscore the proposed interpretation of Baroque drama and tragedy (a lo mitologico or not) as an essential amphibology of perspectives.
amphibology (ambiguity; but the etymologies are different--that which is ambiguous goes around something rather than straight at it; that which is amphibologous has been thrown on both sides of something); and hypallage (shifting the application of a word--"the grateful shade" on a hot summer's day, "a wicked wound").
Just as in the dance of words after the exhortation, `Change the figure': [GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] -- the order which Plato, that great choreographer of words, gives to Socrates and to Alcibiades at the end of his great Alcibiades makes play with the whole geometric-choreographic amphibology of the term `figure' -- and Alcibiades, too, changes his own geometric shape and takes on the features of Socrates.
A name "aussi etrange que celui de l'auteur qui s'appelle Hellia": the amphibology in the syntax immediately undermines the notion that a proper name has an unequivocal referent.