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According to Directorate 4, a Telegram channel monitoring the terrorists' activities, in spite of their ample stock of weapons and ammunition, Daesh's main problem now is clearly the lack of manpower.
Sugar prices fell by Rs25 per quintal at the wholesale market on ample stock position on constant supplies amidst slackened buying by stockists and bulk consumers.
He ordered for third-party audit of de-watering sets and other essential machinery items and said that ample stock of anti-venom vaccine and water purifying tablets should be made available.
It is hard to beat the tried and true choice of blue crabs as a bait selection when targeting these drag screamers, so call around to area bait shops to see who has an ample stock.
Furthermore, the general perception among analysts in the US is that the use of nuclear weapons is only legitimate if it serves as a form of deterrence and there is an ample stock of conventional weapons to combat threats.
beds,maintaining ample stock of blood and platelets but the responsibility lies with patients not to panic.
He said Pakistan will be remembered by people of Kathmandu because doctors from Pakistan Army were present around the clock and they came with ample stock of medicines.
The Ministry has proposed inter-state transfer of medicines to states like Punjab and Madhya Pradesh from states which have ample stock of the drug, to augment their supply.
In response to a question about allegations being made about existence of arsenic in rice produced locally, the Minister said that Sri Lanka has become self sufficient in rice production for the last three years, the farmers who were destitute in the recent past have become rich and rice is available in ample stock throughout the country.
Farmers said that the government has failed to lift the embargo on export though onion prices have now come down in the domestic market sine there has been ample stock of fresh onions in the market.
We are confident we have ample stock to cope with any situation and we will be able to keep Birmingham moving this winter.
This is largely due to the ample stock of offshore financial assets held by the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA), the state-owned entity responsible for investing the bulk of Abu Dhabi's oil-driven fiscal surpluses.