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The hospital incharges have also been directed to arrange additional beds and ample stock of life saving medicines to deal with the emergent situation, he added.
beds,maintaining ample stock of blood and platelets but the responsibility lies with patients not to panic.
He said Pakistan will be remembered by people of Kathmandu because doctors from Pakistan Army were present around the clock and they came with ample stock of medicines.
The product is fully developed along with having a United States patent, a trademark, website, domains, completed packaging, design, ample stock in inventory, etc.
The Ministry has proposed inter-state transfer of medicines to states like Punjab and Madhya Pradesh from states which have ample stock of the drug, to augment their supply.
Farmers said that the government has failed to lift the embargo on export though onion prices have now come down in the domestic market sine there has been ample stock of fresh onions in the market.
We are confident we have ample stock to cope with any situation and we will be able to keep Birmingham moving this winter.
This is largely due to the ample stock of offshore financial assets held by the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA), the state-owned entity responsible for investing the bulk of Abu Dhabi's oil-driven fiscal surpluses.
C[pounds sterling]We are once again pleased with the response generated by our blood donation campaign and we are glad to continue our support to the Al Wasl Blood Donation Centre, which has been doing an admirable job in saving lives by maintaining ample stock of blood,C[yen] he added.
We are pleased with the response generated by our latest blood donation campaign and we are glad to continue our support to the al-Wasl Blood Donation Center which has been doing a commendable job in saving precious lives by maintaining ample stock of blood," said Peter Janho.
We've done the difficult work of applying our approach in this area and the evidence indicates that there are ample stock selection opportunities in emerging markets.
Ensuring that the correct number of facings is allocated to the products and re-enforcing this with shelf edge labels; presenting promotions to store managers and checking stock levels so that there is ample stock for the planned promotional display and for normal shelf replenishment.