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He had "shown that a Jew may have the amplest store of specific talents, may have the finest and most varied education, the highest and most sensitive sense of honor--yet even with the aid of all these advantages be unable to call forth in us even once that deep effect that takes hold of our heart and soul, an effect which we await from music because we know her to be capable of it." (9)
They acquire some dignity from the necessity that their appointment must be approved by the Senate, but in truth they are the creatures of the president, who has "the amplest range of choice for his ministers." (27) There is no continuity between one president's administration and that of a successor because each new presidential incumbent will appoint a new team.
(Patriarch Philotheus Coccinus, Nicholas Cabasilas), the theological doctrine of Hesychasm gained its complete and thorough expression, thus providing the Eastern Christian ascetic and mystical tradition with the amplest possible dogmatic interpretation.
399, at 8 ("[O]ne commissioner of Internal Revenue instructed his officials to have them published in the pages of local papers, `n order,' as he said, `that the amplest opportunity may be given for the detection of any fraudulent returns that may have been made).
Our fundamental want to-day in the United States, with closest, amplest reference to present conditions, and to the future, is of a class, and the clear idea of a class, of native authors, literatuses, far different, far higher in grade than any yet known, sacerdotal, modern, fit to cope with our occasions.[3]
the amplest reward he can seek, for his labour, is the consciousness of
The Excerpts from Theodotus, the amplest body of fragments from a Valentinian author, are too often represented here by a transient allusion or the caliginous erudition of a footnote.
Therefore, it gives anybody in his position, and him personally, the amplest possible incentive to abscond.'