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Table 4: The numbers of SSR loci identified and the subset of these that are potentially amplifiable (containing suitable PCR priming sites) in 159,521unigenes
The Quantidex DNA assay offers the QFI Score, which is the percentage of amplifiable DNA in a sample, and the number of amplifiable DNA copies to support guide inputs into NGS target enrichment to optimally balance DNA consumption with data quality.
Researchers' hypothesis was that the amount of bacteria in newborns is enough to guarantee the preservation of DNA and that the younger an individual affected by the disease, the greater the probability of amplifiable DNA preservation.
4) No viruses were cultivated from the different organs, and neither DNA of gallid herpesvirus-1 nor of reticuloendotheliosis virus was amplifiable in liver, spleen, or kidneys of either bird.
One reaction uses primers for tubulin, a gene expressed in all plants, to provide evidence of amplifiable DNA in the extraction.
Regarding the tested protocols, the Nucleospin technique was the only one able to produce amplifiable DNA from refined vegetable oils.
A simple and efficient method for PCR amplifiable DNA extraction from ancient bones.
Risca, "Genomic Steganography: Amplifiable Microdots", Cambridge, 2005.
Multiplex Amplifiable Probe Hybridization (MAPH)24 and MLPA18-20, has greatly simplified this analysis, where MLPA has become the method of choice.
The very large amplifiable element AUD2 from Streptomyces lividans 66 has insertion sequence-like repeat at its ends.
We found no strong correlation between the number of amplifiable species (1-8) and either (i) the cloned allele size (109-299 bp; r = -0.