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The NoteBook USB Audio Station is also an audio amplification system," continued Mr.
The new DRA in-line amplification system optimizes existing fiber optics infrastructure by improving data throughput to create fast and reliable fiber optic networks for enterprise data transmission.
Pro Ultra-Portable Amplification System will be available November 2009 through consumer electronics retail outlets, online reseller channels and from the GoSpeak
The new microphone's use of advanced RF-based wireless transmission technology means the Revolabs Classroom(TM) Wireless Amplification System delivers unmatched audio quality to ensure every one of a teacher's words is heard clearly and without distracting, extraneous noise.
This tender relates to: * At the supply and installation of an extraction system for automated nucleic acid and an amplification system and detection of nucleic acid for the needs of the laboratory of IFAC.
Under the terms of the agreement KREATECH will utilize Ambion's MessageAmp(TM) II aRNA amplification system in conjunction with KREATECH's proprietary Universal Linkage system (ULS) labeling technology, to provide a series of complete RNA amplification and labeling kits for gene expression analysis.
a leader in nucleic acid sample preparation, announced today that it has launched the first RNA amplification system enabling whole-transcriptome gene expression analysis from a single cell.
As part of the replacement of obsolete amplification system for traffic at railway stations, purchased a number of power amplifiers for distribution at 38 stations.
Shields and Havens Elementary Schools will also need to include classroom sound amplification system and installation.
The Ovation Biotin System is validated for use with Affymetrix GeneChip(R) arrays, the Ovation Aminoallyl System is used with spotted oligo or cDNA arrays, and the Ovation RNA Amplification System is designed to amplify RNA prior to quantitative real-time PCR (QPCR).
The Ovation Aminoallyl system is used with spotted cDNA and oligo microarrays, and the Ovation RNA Amplification system is used to amplify starting material for QPCR experiments.
With technology from Kreatech and GE Healthcare, NuGEN can now deliver the Ovation RNA amplification system to researchers conducting gene expression analysis on the Agilent platform," explained Sue Pandey, Ph.