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Teachers were asked to read a standard passage at normal instructional intensity level both with and without the sound-field amplification system.
Human glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (GAPDH) gene products were quantified by TagMan quantitative PCR for assessment of amplification efficiency, yield of specific amplification products, and reproducibility of the new amplification system.
Finally, we present information from two different school systems where a reduction in special education referrals occurred in buildings that have sound-field amplification systems in their general education classrooms (kindergarten through fifth grade).
Until then, inexpensive amplification systems can be purchased at an electronics store.
For the first time, hunters have an amplification system that lets them tell where the game is coming from and how far away it is.
The patent covers the company's universal signal amplification system which improves the detection sensitivity of DNA-based and other medical diagnostic tests.
Student and instructor responses to use of the amplification system in the classrooms were examined.
While this may be a more genuine amplification system, it does not come without its share of headaches.
The best-known probe amplification system is the ligase chain reaction from Abbott Laboratories (Abbott Park, Ill.
In the setting, we have developed a wide range of biosimilar stable cell lines using our proprietary gene screening and amplification system.
Barbara Martin, principal of Monarch School in the Gwinnett County Public Schools (GA), says performance was at the heart of her school's decision to implement an amplification system.
Voters approved the following transfers, among others, from the overlay surplus account: $2,000 to repaint exterior and interior portions of Berlin Memorial School; $1,500 to repair the kitchen steamer oven at the school; and $2,500 for an amplification system for classrooms at the school.