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FGFR1 amplification has been detected in SCC of the lung, with lower frequency in lung ADC.
Detection of Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor 1 Amplification by Fluorescencein situhybridization
In this work amplification factor was calculated using HVSR (Horizontal to Vertical Spectral Ratio) method.
The amplification was assessed basing on analytical methods assuming the specific geological cross-section and therefore calculated amplification had little precision.
NuGEN[TM] has developed rapid, isothermal linear nucleic acid amplification systems that use a single chimeric primer, DNA polymerase with strand displacement activity and RNase H: SPIA[TM] (single primer isothermal amplification), a DNA amplification procedure; and Ribo-SPIA[TM], an RNA amplification procedure.
Ribo-SPIA enables mRNA amplification from as little as 1 ng of total RNA.
To address the hypothesis that all medulloblastomas with oncogenic amplification exhibit either the "anaplastic" phenotype or the large cell phenotype, medulloblastomas exhibiting oncogene amplification were graded for anaplastic features by a separate neuropathologist (P.
Centromeric paint and specific locus probes were used when needed to investigate MYCC and MYCN amplification and chromosome 9 centromere.
Multiplex amplification systems such as AmpFLSTR[R] Profiler Plus[TM], AmpFLSTR[R] COfiler[TM], GenePrint[TM], PowerPlex[TM] 1.
During the analysis of reference-blood samples by using the AmpFLSTR[R] Profiler Plus[TM] amplification kit, the allele for the X chromosome at the Amelogenin locus was not amplified in a few samples.
A key advantage of this technology is that it enables one to look at a segment of the human genome to see whether or not there have been key primary events such as a gene amplification or deletion that are now known to be directly associated with the development and progression of cancer.
AMEX: ONC) today announced the introduction of its Sunrise Amplification Detection System at the American Association of Cancer Research annual meeting in San Diego.