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We amplified samples for sequencing from 5 mothers and 1 child and obtained Core/E1 sequences for all 6 samples and NS5B sequences for 3 samples.
Fast becoming the play-listing technology of choice, the Amplified Music Services' MyDJ[TM] product maximizes the end-user experiences in collecting, maintaining and enjoying digital music.
If speech is to be protected so that all ideas can be heard, we have to face the music and deal with the power of commercially amplified speech and its destructive influence on thoughtful discourse in this country.
1) conducted a study on sequence analysis of a partial rompB gene amplified from sera of humans who were seropositive for spotted fever group (SFG) and typhus group rickettsioses.
Amplified, the world's leading online fulfillment services provider for entertainment products, and physical fulfillment leader, Valley Media, today announced that they have enhanced the framework of their merger agreement.
Bryan Sykes of the University of Oxford in England cited a case in which amplified DNA, supposedly from a mammoth tusk, turned out to be human.
For example, if a degraded sample amplified with the Identifiler kit is missing seven of the 15 loci normally amplified by the kit in a forensic case, the MiniFiler kit complements it by amplifying the same sample to provide results for the seven loci that were not successful.
Two real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) assays were performed to determine if rickettsial nucleic acid was detectable in the patient's serum sample: 1) the Rickettsia genus-specific real-time PCR assay amplified and detected a 115-bp segment of the 17-kDa antigen gene and 2) the rickettsial SFG-specific real-time PCR amplified and detected a 128-bp segment of the ompB with a SmartCycler (Cepheid, Sunnyvale, CA, USA), as previously described (13).
Amplified is providing it's proven integration of digital music downloads to E-music.
This allows direct interrogation of the single molecule as opposed to an amplified population of molecules.
As light waves emitted by the dots bounce within the cavity, they'll become amplified and coherent--perfectly aligned crest-to-crest and trough-to-trough.
Furthering an existing partnership, Amplified, the world's leading online business-to-business fulfillment service for entertainment products, and SoundScan, the company that tracks sales of recorded music, today announced a deal to offer SoundScan's digital music tracking and reporting services to Amplified's network of online retailers.