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f] is the feedback resistor in the summing amplifier in [omega],
These aerospace radar systems will need highly efficient transmit amplifiers, as well as novel approaches to antenna packaging and integration, to meet requirements for multifunction performance, low mass and affordable cost.
D2Audio's high-power, integrated audio amplifier technology is a key element enabling the immersive entertainment experience provided by the AMD LIVE
Reference 550: 50W x 4 + 350W x 1 Class AB/Class D hybrid system amplifier (MSRP: $249.
The book covers 13 new in-amp and difference amplifier products, including the AD8250 and AD8251 digitally-programmable in-amps.
Empower RF Systems' expert engineers have been designing high-power amplifiers since the 1960s, and their engineering reputation is well-known in the ultra-broadband and the solid state linear amplifier markets.
This scalable audio amplifier can be configured to deliver a range of power levels and channel counts.
General sampling of these two new QLight[TM] amplifiers has already started and production shipments will begin in the late 2006.
JamTech is a fabless, mixed signal semiconductor company with breakthrough digital amplifier technology focused on creating System Interface Chips for audio-centric consumer electronics, including flat panel TVs, computers and portable media players.
It enables the incorporation of optical amplifiers as a new network element with minimal changes to the network's hardware and operating software.
Traditional Class D and digital amplifiers typically have a spectral noise floor between 100-105 dBFS, making it impossible to discern low level audio from the noise.
com) specializes in the design, development and production of a comprehensive line of optical amplifiers, including the world only Self-Managed EDFA, the widely-deployed Dynamic (Variable-Gain) EDFA, the pioneering Gain-Switched Variable-Gain EDFA and the Class 1M laser product Raman Amplifier and various single-stage amplifiers.

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