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The vertebrate amplifying hosts of CVV have been little studied, but a high prevalance of neutralizing antibody to this virus is often found in ungulates, including deer, sheep, horses, and cattle (5,10-12).
The disadvantage to this approach is that each amplifier introduces unwanted signals (noise), in addition to amplifying the designed signals.
Pavesi of the University of Trento in Povo and Italy's National Institute for the Physics of Matter nevertheless reports amplifying a laser beam's intensity by passing it through a layer of silicon quantum dots.
Prior to amplifying the target in a new test sample, the sample may be treated to selectively eliminate the contaminant amplification product so that it cannot be amplified in the new sample.
With a means of amplifying over long distances, these gaps could be filled in.
A third RT-PCR assay was carried out on 12 HCoV-NL63-positive samples amplifying a 523-bp fragment with spike (S) gene specific primers NL63-S-sens (position 22557-22582: 5'ACCGCTGTTAATGAGTCTAGATATG-3') and NL63-S antisens (position 23043-23063: 5'-GTCCTGCTATACGGCTTGAA-3').