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This simulation is carried out to find the dependence of the bubble dynamics, gel fraction, and crosslink density on the ultrasonic amplitude, hydrostatic pressure, bubble volume fraction, and treatment time.
However, no significant differences were found between low vibration amplitude and medium vibration amplitude.
s]) have influence upon the average current and the dither amplitude simultaneously.
Amplitude Surgical will consolidate in full SOFAB Orthopedie from the second half of 2016-2017 and expects this transaction to provide a net positive contribution from 2017 -2018.
Amplitude Surgical develops and markets products for orthopedic surgery covering the main disorders affecting the hip, knee and extremities, and notably foot and ankle surgery.
2] of amplitude functions, or the corresponding sets of quantum numbers, for a particular value of n and hence the energy associated with a particular amplitude function [psi](u,v,[phi]).
Table 4 summarizes the mean SSR latency and amplitude of the four recording sites in different height groups ([less than or equal to] 150 cm, 150-170 cm, and [greater than or equal to] 170 cm).
Block diagram of a variable mass vibratory system having amplitude and frequency control is shown in Fig.
Foram constatadas diferencas estatisticamente significantes entre as orelhas para as Latencias de P1 (latencias medias da OD 53,9ms e da OE 56,7ms), Latencias de P2 (latencias medias da OD 185,3ms e da OE 190,5ms) e amplitude de N1 (amplitudes medias da OD 7,34[micro]V e da OE 7,63[micro]V), sendo todas no metodo MP.
It is possible to specify the desired frequency and amplitude of the sinusoidal oscillation.
Pasternack's new amplitude and phase stable VNA test cables are available today from stock.
sup][12] For each of the 100 stimuli, we assessed the minimum, mean and maximum F wave latencies, F wave chronodispersion, F wave persistence, mean, median and maximum F wave amplitudes, mean, median and maximum F/M amplitude ratios, F wave duration, F wave conduction velocity, and number of repeater F waves and giant F waves.