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It was discovered that focusing does improve the reflection amplitude from an axial defect compared to conventional nonfocusig guided wave technique.
In this experiment, the evaluated factors that affect the efficiency of cherry fruit detachment were frequency, amplitude and direction of vibration, and length of the branch, for the varieties Catuai Vermelho and Mundo Novo.
For tests of the origin of P2 amplitude intensity slope abnormalities, a statistical approach was used that is capable of handling missing data in one member of a twin pair (see "Statistical Analysis" section, p.
A study of the work of the developed system was conducted with a change in the amplitude of desired signal from 1.
In the cumulative spectrum, the beat-to-beat fluctuation of the T wave amplitude appears as the spectral peak at the frequency of 0.
While there is still a lot of activity at the face of the horn, there is much more uniform amplitude across the face (indicated by the more consistent color distribution).
11) turns out to be not a multiple of the Born amplitude [M.
This corresponds to a received amplitude that is 70% of the incident amplitude.
Studies have shown reduced N400 amplitudes in alcoholic subjects and prolonged N400 latency in alcoholics with antisocial symptomatology.
The dependence of the frequency-temperature and frequency-deformation shift factors on temperature and strain amplitude, respectively, was also determined.
There was no obvious effect of the PCB exposure on baseline synaptic responses before tetanic stimulation or on the process of posttetanic potentiation (PTP), which is the rapid increase in response amplitude that occurs immediately after tetanic stimulation and results from increased transmitter release due to presynaptic accumulation of calcium.