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The amplitude of the shock blows, Farid said, was quite big reaching 40 millimeters.
37 wavelengths of the incident wave was selected as it produces the signals with highest amplitudes, with these results consequently being a "best-case" scenario.
0]--average duration of disturbance impulse during elementary volume destruction; [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]--displacement amplitude that depends on physical and mechanical material characteristics; ao single compensation impulse amplitude during displacement (this is constant and does not depend on deformation); [l.
However, three of these studies found increased, as opposed to decreased, P2 amplitudes at the highest intensity levels in individuals with PTSD.
As is known, the greater the amplitude of harmonic signal, the greater the amplitude of the dynamic error [epsilon] = [[alpha].
The measured value of the T-violating amplitude in neutron transmission experiments is important in order to improve the value of the isovector pion coupling constant.
The insertion loss is a direct measure of the ratio of the transmitted amplitude of each frequency component to the incident amplitude at the front of the interconnect.
ASP+ subjects exhibited larger N400 amplitudes for all three stimulus conditions.
This frequency sweep experiment was performed on one specimen of polyurethane at ambient temperature in the single cantilever mode with a fixed displacement amplitude of 40 gm.
1 Hz) were also carried out on the cylindrical test-pieces by a 4502 Instron machine for different strain amplitudes in the range between 0.
Peak amplitudes and SDs are extracted from the spectra by applying a nonlinear least-squares technique.