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14) Amplus (Qualified)/Unicorn/Ramboll/NR electric consortium
Albco Foundry (Lisbon, Ohio) has received ISO 9001:2015 certification from AMPLUS Global Associates.
This led to a 10-year, 2.4MW, power purchase agreement (PPA) signed with Amplus Energy solutions.
Yes Bank has signed five solar energy co-financing Letters of Intent with Tata Power Delhi Distribution, Hero Future Energy, Greenko Group, Amplus Solar and Jakson Group for their solar projects in India to be completed by 2023.
The eight companies involved in the deals include, Vyonarc Development, Waree Engineers, Gensol Group, Solarig, Shakti Pump, Refex Energy, Amplus Solar and Zodiac Energy.
There is a transparent bidding process and the demand for energy is going up in India," said Kapil Kumar Nirmal, vice-president of international business development in Amplus Energy Solutions, which is investing in India.
The large fruit-eating bat Artibeus amplus (Handley, 1987), one of the largest species of Artibeus, is one of the poorest-known Neotropical species (Lim, Genoways, & Engstrom, 2003).
The new record came from Gurgaon-based Amplus Energy Solutions in a Solar Energy Corporation of India's (SECI) auction of rooftop solar power projects and beats the previous low of Rs 4 per unit for a solar park in Rajasthan by a quarter.
Indian solar developer Amplus Energy Solutions Private Ltd.
Desert Bettong Bettongia anhydra, Central Hare-wallaby (Kuluwarri) Lagorchestes asomatus, Short-tailed Hoppingmouse Notomys amplus, Darling Downs Hopping-mouse N.
It will accommodate increased production capacity for the Agrinos line of proprietary High Yield Technology(R) microbial products, marketed under brand names that include HYT(R) A, iNvigorate, AMPLUS, N-Gage as well as others.
Present paper deals with only few bisaccate pollen viz Protohaploxipinus goraiensis, Protohaploxypinus varius, Protohaploxypinus limpidus, Protohaploxypinus amplus, Protohaploxypinus microcorpus, Striatopodocarpites raniganjensis, Striatopodocarpites cancellatus, Stroiatopodocarpites rarus, Striatopodocarpites pantii, Striatoabieites elongatus, Striatoabieites multistriatus, Striatoabieites striatus, Lunatisporites novialensis, Lunatisporites pellucidus, Guttulapollenites hannonicus and Hamiapollenites bullaeformis.