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She tells me that she tried to get as much bacteria out but that they had to amputate his foot in order to save his life.
Kitten Sophie |before the operation to amputate her leg
eIuMy wife and I are happy to know that we took a good decision and didneIUt allow doctors in Bahrain to amputate his leg,eIN he added.
And Grant admitted that when making the toughest decision of his life to amputate his leg back in 2010, it was events like the Invictus Games and Paralympics that were in his mind.
Medics from the Yorkshire Air Ambulance were forced to amputate the woman's leg before she was airlifted to hospital.
Brian added: "I didn't know they were going to amputate my legs but I should have.
His parents, both medical professionals, decided the best way for their son to lead an active, happy life was to amputate early, so he would grow up used to a prosthetic limb.
The Wales hero - whose career included spells with Leeds United and Juventus - underwent heart surgery to clear a main artery, but circulation problems meant that surgeons were forced to amputate most of his once-golden right foot.
Paramedics were forced to amputate both legs in a desperate bid to save her life.
An RSPCA inspector and a doctor were sent to the scene where the medic was forced to amputate the cat's tail after it had been severed in the fan.
He added that he woke up in hospital and the doctors told him that they would have had to amputate his legs if it had gone the other way.