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Therefore, if anything around here amuses you, it will be all in a pleasant way.
Whether she intended to torment me, or merely to amuse herself, I could not tell--and did not much care; but I thought of the poor man and his one lamb, and the rich man with his thousand flocks; and I dreaded I knew not what for Mr.
How you will amuse your friend, when he comes back from fishing, with the story of the young lady who lives in the dark, and keeps a company of performing cats
Whatever interests or amuses her, lengthens her life.
Such humble talents as God has given me I will endeavour to put to their greatest use; if I am able to amuse, I will try to benefit too; and when I feel it my duty to speak an unpalatable truth, with the help of God, I WILL speak it, though it be to the prejudice of my name and to the detriment of my reader's immediate pleasure as well as my own.
On the first, he endeavoured to amuse his master by anecdote and conversation; on the second, Mr.
Well, this is just what amuses me," said Monte Cristo.
An episode of humour or kindness touches and amuses him here and there--a pretty child looking at a gingerbread stall; a pretty girl blushing whilst her lover talks to her and chooses her fairing; poor Tom Fool, yonder behind the waggon, mumbling his bone with the honest family which lives by his tumbling; but the general impression is one more melancholy than mirthful.
The hand-blown glass receptacles in the Amuse range are designed in playful shapes giving chefs an interesting way to display desserts, soups, dips, purees or smoothies.
The debugging information will be graphically visualized by AMUSE in the original modeling environment where the user can improve the model and instantly deploy the changes back on the target for re-testing.
Intended to cater to the notion of "affordable luxury," Amuse highlights the best of fashion as art.
Chef-owner Sylvain Rivet cooks up some French comfort food at Amuse Bouche in Simi Valley.