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The Amuse range is made of borosilicate glass, which is chemical- and temperature-resistant.
The new toolchain will consist of the high-end MULTI IDE from Green Hills Software for embedded systems, the well-known modeling platform Enterprise Architect from Sparx Systems and the graphical UML debugger and code generator AMUSE from LieberLieber.
The ladies behind Amuse made sure of that, trawling trade shows in Paris and New York to find brands that would cater to the needs of clients in Egypt - daywear, cocktail wear and bold accessories.
The companies also intend to make the iStock library of more than 1.5m images available to AMUSE Entertainment's wider distribution network during the second stage of the agreement.
The new venture with Amuse is Toshiba's most serious attempt to become a major player in the content business and to make its name in a field other than computers and electric power stations.
Translated from the French, amuse bouche means "happy mouthful" or "small bites" that enliven the taste buds with flavor before the meal begins.
The agreement combines Amuse Pictures' distribution rights with Toshiba's Internet, DVD software and other advanced technologies to capitalize on changes in the content distribution market such as the emergence of digital broadcasting via satellite and Internet-based broadcasting.
When you next run into these al fresco entertainers, if they amuse you, why not drop a donation into the inverted hat or open instrument case on the sidewalk?
Every morning after breakfast George points at the Wii shouting, "Mama, Mama", Molly, acting like an official translator, informs me he wants to play on the Wii and I end up having to amuse them by losing at another game of baseball.
Dear Bored Reader, letters to the GDN are not written to amuse readers.
BAD JOKE: Ricky and missus look grim; BAD HAIR DAY: Barnet can't amuse her; BAD CALL: Ricky tries his gags elsewhere
There will be a special visit from your favourite six feet tall furry friends, Bertie the Bunny and the White Rabbit, on Saturday and Sunday, to entertain and amuse the children all day.