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The Mayor of South Tyneside, Coun Fay Cunningham, said: "This is a fabulous line-up of entertainment which is sure to keep everyone - both young and old - amused.
My husband has been a rock to me, and when he saw how amused I have been, it has helped him as well.
His bitter-sweet wit, both on and off the stage, mostly amused - but occasionally offended.
Well, taking such a stand when your relationship goes kaput is your prerogative Ranbir, but do tell us if you are amused because the stories could be true or even false.
The anguish in Dally's voice - he is also recovering from a head cold allegedly brought on by being stuck on the bench in France - is followed by some amused chuckling amongst the hacks.
It looked as if long-time leader On The Brink, who had come over to the stands rails, was going to hold on entering the final furlong, but Hanagan swooped on Amused to collar her close home.
He was not amused and was even less amused when I told him that due to the council's ticket fiascoI was moving allegiance and changing my vote.
Sod's Law being what it is, Fanning, who had been in fine form, missed winning rides on General Smith and Amused.
The oral tradition of satire was a group experience in which blacks amused themselves, finding some relief from slavery and racial oppression.
gt;> THE ONE: Speaking of not amused, action star Jet Li is furious when he discovers that one of his many parallel-universe identities is "married to a man.
His heart became lighter only when he visited his faithful animals at the recreation hour, or when he knelt in the Lady Chapel in front of a statue of Mary holding her infant son, where he thought back over the years of all the children he had amused.
Once organized, would we look at our organization with amused horror?