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There is a long list of amusing things around you: animals inside the house and out in the yard, people, movies, children, people in restaurants, even family members.
The Be Amusing film by QMA was among the 129 entries that received one of the "Dolphin" trophies.
How can any reference to animal cruelty (including a reference to Mary Bale - who I seem to remember did get a conviction for animal cruelty for her actions) be amusing? I'd say its certainly a low subject for an attempt at hu mou r.
What's so funny?: Jonathan Trott (centre) finds something very amusing during Warwickshire's pre-season photo call at Edgbaston yesterday.
Occasionally amusing and well-acted, it's rather baffling to watch.
So amusing to see bad driving by Indians became worse.
Turn Me On Guv - 'Tails' from the Racecourse Marcus Armytage pounds 16.99, published by Racing Post THIS follow-up to Hot Cherry - the first collection of Marcus Armytage's weekly diaries from the Daily Telegraph - is another amusing ride through the (mis)adventures of the racing community.
The amusing pictures show the tiny folk hailing unseen cabs, washing windows, reading a newspaper and shaving a man's face with a lawnmower.
And after they gave her a sneak preview of last night's performance - a tribute to their idol Britney Spears - an on-set source said: "Whitney smiled and said she found them amusing."
2 : to please the sense of humor of <The children found his silly jokes amusing.>
This is the amusing tale of how underpants saved mankind from the dinosaurs, and led to the demise of the latter.
Essays are amusing, moving, and sometimes confessional as she deals squarely with both her personal life and her professional life as an academic; although teachers and writers may find portions of this title more poignant than others, the narrative is fresh, amusing, and quick, and many a general reader would likely enjoy the book as well.